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Student portfolio for university clubs and Student Union

Student_______________ group _______ date___________

  Questions Answers
What is your first name? What is your last name?  
What country/city/village are you from?  
How old are you? When is your birthday?  
Are you single or married?  
Where do you live? (hall of residence, rent a flat)  
How long does it take you to get to the University?  
What University sport club are you going to join?  
What are your sport achievements?  
What foreign languages do you speak?  
What hobby have you got?  
Are you fond of travelling?  
What field of engineering are you in?  
What kind of research were / are you involved in?  
What subjects do you study according to the curriculum?  


Exercise 5. Read the text.

Text 1 A

Our University


to be famous for быть известным / славиться
to be enrolled быть зачисленным
to be good at Math хорошо разбираться в математике
to be technically minded быть склонным к техническим науках
to be interested in physics интересоваться физикой
to take courses in изучать курсы
area of interest специализация
to conduct research проводить исследование
state-of-the-art facilities современное оборудование
to attend regular lectures посещать занятия по расписанию
according to the schedule согласно расписанию
to assess achievements оценивать успеваемость
to undertake assignments выполнять задания
extra-curricular activities внеаудиторная работа
compulsory hours of sport обязательные занятия спортом
to provide with on-campus accommodation обеспечивать университетским жильем


You are a student of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU). It is one of the oldest technical universities in Russia. It was founded in 1830. It is famous for its achievements in the field of space rocketry, submersibles, armored vehicles, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, radio electronics and others.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University focuses on the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) but also offers a number of programs in humanities. Now the student body is over 19.000. The University has adopted a two-level system of higher education: a four-year bachelor’s degree, a five-year specialist degree and master’s programs. Undergraduates are given an opportunity to choose their specialist areas at various Faculties:

Electronics and Laser Technology (RL)

Fundamental Sciences (FN)

Engineering Technology (MT)

Mechanical Engineering (SM)

Power Engineering (E)

Robotics and Complex Automation (RK)

Computer Science and Control Systems (IU)

Biomedical Technologies (BMT)

Engineering Business and Management (IBM)

Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Linguistics (L)

To become a student you need to be good at mathematics and physics, to be technically mindedand to be interested in engineering challenges. To become an engineer you need to take courses indrawing, strength of materials, computer aided design and other engineering subjects in your area of interest. Besides the academic studies the students are involved in research and get experience during internship at plants. Research is conducted in well-equipped laboratories, workshops, wind tunnels and other state-of-the-art facilities.

Students are required to attend regular lectures and lessons in academic subjects according to the schedule. Lectures are given by the experienced staff. Students are taught engineering subjects and their academic achievements are assessed by regular progress tests. Undergraduates undertake assignments and have supervised homework sessions. All the students are offered access to many extra-curricular activities, libraries and free e-mail and internet. Undergraduates and graduates takeat leasttwo compulsory hours of sportsper week. Many students are provided with on-campus accommodation in short distance from the University.

Actually you are to be proud of the University you are going to study in. By the way, do уou know anything about its history and significant stages of its development? What is your University famous for? What are the achievements of its graduate? (1500 печ. зн )

Exercise 5. Attempt to answer the following questions up to your choice.(Work in pairs)

- How old is your university? When was the university founded?

- How many faculties does your university consist of? How many faculties are there at your university?

- Why are there so many courses in Math offered by the University?

- How many lessons do you attend every day? What lessons do you attend on Monday ?

- Do you live far from the university? How long does it take you to get to the University?

- What facilities are offered by the university? What equipment are the laboratories provided with?

- What campus activities are the students involved in?

- What is the term of studies at the university? How long does the course of studies last?

- What subjects are you to be good at to become an advanced BMSTU student?

- What engineering courses are offered by your Faculty? What courses contribute much to the career of an engineer?

- When do students start engineering experiments, tests and research?

- What opportunities are given to students to conduct research?

- What way is the student academic progress assessed by?

- Why is it necessary for students to undertake assignments regularly?

- Why are compulsory hours of sport introduced in the student time table?

- What accommodation is offered by the University?-

- When and why are the students engaged in research?

- What field of engineering are you in and what influenced your choice?

- Why is to be a BMSTU student challenging?

- Why are skillful engineers and designers required at present?

Exercise 6. Fill in the gaps with the proper words:

a) state-of-the art facilities, b) technically minded , c) schedules, d) extra-curricular activities, e) a master degree, f) assignments, g) area of interest

1. __________ are adapted to fit the programming needs of students and can help to provide an example of how the day flows.

2. Written ______________ are an important part of university education as they give you a chance to exercise your skills developing your views.

3. I think Nick might become a good engineer because he is very good at Math and_______________ .

4. Laboratories, workshops and the other ________________ provide opportunities for professional education and research.

5. Peter was good at all of his school subjects so he was able to go to university to do___________.

6. ________________ are significant because they help you develop your talents, interests and practical skills like time management.

7. If you are not sure in your choice of _______________________you may address your tutor.

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