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Exercise 25. In the text below fill in the gaps using the verbs in their Active or Passive forms.


1. Cambridge (like Oxford) can _____( to picture) as a collection of colleges, each of which ______(to have) its own character and individuality. 2. The Supervision System where students _______ ( to receive) tuition in small groups ______ ( to regard) as one of the best teaching models in the world. 3. Each student ______( to have) a tutor who practically _______( to guide) him through the whole course of studies.
4. The Head of Studies ______ ( to appoint) by the college to look after you academic progress, while the role of the tutor mainly ______ ( to concern) in protecting student’s interests and helping him or her in domestic college matters.
5. The University teaching ______( to consist of) lectures and practical work, but much of time ______ ( to spend) in seminars and tutorials. 6. A significant part of undergraduate education ______ ( to hold) in university buildings.

7. Cambridge University is a leading international center and many postgraduates actively _______( to engage) in research work.


Exercise 26. Describe research opportunities and equipment within your University. Prepare your own sentences. Mind the word order.

  Subject Predicate Object Adverbial Modifier
Research activities cover advanced materials in aircraft structures
Modern facilities are offered for students to carry out research

Useful language:postgraduate courses, subject areas, international reputation, cutting-edge technologies,

research activities, modern facilities, to involve, to have access to, to carry out, to offer, to cover

Exercise 27. Are there any major differences between the systems of university education in Russia and Britain? Give examples to support the ideas you put forward. Fill in the boxes.

  Differences Russian universities Similarities Differences English universities
academic year      


Lesson 4

Exercise 28. Make a short report supported by slides on the following topics:
1. The historical background of Cambridge University.
2. The historic review of the University you attend.
3. The famous achievements of your University.
4. The facilities available at your University.
5. The benefits offered by the university education.
6. The differences and similarities in the arrangement of studies (academic year, vacations, assessment, admission, degrees, tutorials, etc.) between Russian and UK universities.
7. A review of Cambridge (or Oxford, Harvard, Massachusetts university etc.)
8. Famous people and scientists (University graduates).

9. The top 100 world universities (Ranking List 2015)

10. Nobel Prize winners and their discoveries.

11. Produce a short movie on BMSTU and act as a speaker

Lesson 3

Text 1 С. Student Profiles

Exercise 29. Read student letters and fill in the boxes. Make a review of students letters (in 10-12 sentences)

  Student course name \ when Specialist area prospects positive
4. Alex        
5. Ann        


Useful language: to join, to learn subjects, to provide with, to become

Student Profile 1

The course is tailored to bring together all the previously studied topics and pushed me onwards into new areas such as Computational Fluid Dynamics and Advanced Aerodynamics. I joined the Aeronautical Engineering coursetwo years ago with a view to fulfill my ambition of becoming a professional engineer. Both an undergraduate and Master’s degree (Msc) are required to achieve this benchmark. It took a lot of time to master this subject area. This course provides a student with analytical skills and stimulates interest in space engineering and high-speed travel. The course gives you the chance to advance your career to management levels, testing and design positions within the aeronautical industry. This is a challenging field to work in.

Student Research Profile 2

I became interested in solar energy while working on my undergraduate project three years ago. During my third year project I was involved in materials science research. The research project was aimed at the renewable energysector. The idea was to come up with a coating for the outer layer of a solar panel that would allow to absorb the energy form it more efficiently. The University is very good for materials science and research. By the way the Centre for Solar Energy Researchhas modern facilities such as specialist microscopes and spectrometers. I appreciated working with people I could bounce ideas off. I enjoyed the internal collaboration between the groups as well as external contacts with overseas universities.

Student Profile 3

If you want to be in the heart of electronic invention this course is ideal. State-of -the-art IT facilities and analytical tools support the taught and research elements of the degree. Msc the Advanced Electronic Techniques provides core analytical studies covering three areas: digital system design (microprocessors and programmable gate arrays), automatic-test system design and radio frequency design. There are options covering the fields of image processing. I am going to join this course next year. On completion of this course you will be able to progress to a job as an electronics design engineer at an advanced level. It is known that skills in digital electronics are required to develop innovations.

Student Profile 4

This is an industry focused course. The focus of this course is on the research and development in such areas as computational analysis, advanced propulsion, structural design, advanced material development and manufacturing technologies. It has strong links with industries. There is great demand for mechanical and aerospace manufacturing engineers. An engineering Masters qualification is now required if you wish to become a Chartered Engineer. State-of -the-art IT facilities and analytical tools support the taught and research elements of the degree. I would like to take Mechanical Engineering course in three years on getting my Bachelor's degree. On completion of this course you will be able to lead innovative design, development and application of new and cutting-edge technology. I am looking forward to master this course.

Student Profile 5

The focus on this course will be on research and development (R&D) in such areas as computational analysis, design, advanced propulsion, structural design, composite and advanced material development. This MResComposites was designed in collaboration with industry. This course covers the theory and mechanics of composites and environmental aspects. You will also learn the recyclability and safety issues. Completing the MRes course could lead you to a career in aircraft research. You will be able to apply modern management approaches and carry out extensive research projects. I am going to join this course in a year. Unfortunately I failed to pass my final exams last year. I was not awarded Bachelor's Degree. I hope to do my best and undertake all assignments to complete my first degree.


Text 1. Subject Areas

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