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On holiday I met a boy who / that taught me how to waterski.

Unit 1


1Acare – care; change – change; destroy – destruction; disappear – disappearance; survive – survival

B 1 is surviving / has survived 2 survival 3 disappearance 4 disappeared 5 changed 6 changes 7 destroyed 8 destruction 9 cares 10 care

2A 1 c 2 d 3 b 4 a

B 1 said 2 speak 3 talk 4 Tell 5 says 6 told / is telling 7 talk 8 said 9 Tell 10 speak

3A 1 b 2 e 3 d 4 c 5 f 6 a

B 1 memorise 2 is studying 3 practises 4 repeat 5 revise 6 translate


4 A 1 Teenagers recognise company logos very quickly.

2 Do you speak French?

3 Petra has ten icons on her mobile phone.

4 We don’t know the meaning of this symbol.

5 Everybody understands the meaning of [symbol for man] and [symbol for woman].

6 Does Martin go shopping on Saturdays?

7 Communication is easy with symbols.

8 My brother doesn’t work in an office.

9 You use hundreds of symbols on a computer.

10 Does the supermarket open at nine o’clock?

B 1 No, it isn’t. It’s a mammal.

2 No, they don’t. They speak French / German / Italian.

3 No, she doesn’t. She lives in England / Britain.

4 No, it isn’t. It’s in the United States.

5 No, it doesn’t. It makes burgers.

6 No, they don’t. They come from India / Africa.

5A 1 ’re doing 2 ’re working 3 are studying 4 ’re looking 5 ’m preparing 6 is learning 7 is finding out

B 1 Are they doing a project on computers in communication?

No, they aren’t. They’re doing a project on satellites in communication.

2 Is Michael studying the use of satellites for business?

No, he isn’t. He’s studying the use of satellites in news broadcasts.

3 Is Melanie finding out about satellites and pop concerts?

No, she isn’t. She’s finding out about satellites and sports events.

6 A 1 learn 2 is starting 3 listens, copies 4 doesn’t understand 5 isn’t learning, ’s sleeping

B 1 am having 2 am cycling 3 answer 4 like 5 Do you use 6 do 7 are trying 8 are asking 9 need 10 do teachers always make

7 A tanulók saját válaszai.


8 A 1 What does the word ‘pants’ mean?

2 I think it means ‘trousers’.

3 Do you know what ‘cab’ means?

4 In the dictionary it says ‘taxi’. / It says ‘taxi’ in the dictionary.

B Jim: What does the word ‘vacation’ mean?

Jane: I think it means ‘holiday’. Do you know what ‘trash’ means?

Jim: Yes. In the dictionary it says ‘rubbish’.

9 A 1 b 2 a 3 d 4 c

B 1 Excuse me, do you know where the department store is?

2 Sorry (that was a bit fast), I didn’t understand. Could you repeat it more slowly?

3 Could you spell that, please?

Felkészülés az érettségire

Hallott szöveg értése

1 Nicky 2 the disco 3 Daniel’s 4 Sophie’s call 5 he wasn’t at school 6 about the homework 7 Simon 8 leave a message

9 on his mobile 10 party


Olvasott szöveg értése

1 D 2 B 3 G 4 H 5 F 6 C

Nyelvtan 2

10 A 1 can contact 2 can send 3 can use 4 can find out 5 can send 6 can read 7 can talk

B 1 can’t 2 can 3 Can 4 can 5 can’t 6 can’t

111 be able to 2 be able to 3 can’t 4 be able to 5 Can 6 be able to 7 be able to 8 can 9 be able to 10 not be able to


12 A 1 h 2 e 3 g 4 i 5 c 6 j 7 b 8 a 9 d 10 f

B 1 Have you got any brothers and sisters?

2 Are you the youngest in the family?

3 Where do you go to school?

4 What’s your favourite subject?

5 What languages do you speak / are you studying?

6 Why are you learning / studying them / French and German?

7 Do you like sport?

8 How much TV do you watch?

9 What are they / your favourite soap operas?

10 What do you (like to) do in your free time?

131 Cardiff 2 five 3 brother / sister 4 sister / brother 5 a quarter to seven 6 Reeve Hill 7 History 8 (really) interesting 9 French 10 German 11 talk 12 sport 13 soap operas 14 music 15 fashion designer

Culture focus

Because it has taken words from other languages for centuries.

2 More than 350.

3 Because it is used as a common language.

4 It has created specialised English, such as Aviation English and Internet English.


Unit 2


1 A










B 1 well-built 2 poorest 3 similar 4 proud 5 enormous 6 ashamed 7 positive 8 skinny 9 strong 10 different

2A 1 successful, disciplined 2 ambitious 3 determined 4 talented, hardworking 5 lucky

B 1 Poor Maria. She isn’t talented / a talented singer.

2 This class hasn’t got much discipline!

3 Seeing a black cat means good / bad luck.

4 Good old Tom! He’s (really) hardworking.


3 A 1 taught 2 surprised 3 was 4 discovered 5 talked 6 said 7 got 8 went 9 wanted 10 started

B 1 Which band did he perform in? He performed in Take That.

2 Did he want to stay with the band? No, he didn’t. He wanted to become a solo performer.

3 Did his first album sell well at first? No, it didn’t.

4 When did success come? Success came with the single, Angels.

5 Where did he perform in 2001? He performed at the Glastonbury Festival.

41 Were you working on the film in 1998?

2 I was thinking about you last night.

3 Mike’s parents weren’t feeling very happy about his school report.

4 Christina was listening to her new CD in the English lesson yesterday.

5 Was Teresa still living in Madrid when you saw her?

5 1 was staying 2 were walking 3 saw 4 was sitting 5 was staring 6 fell 7 managed 8 was 9 did you do / were you doing 10 did you fall off 11 was standing 12 looked 13 was laughing 14 watched


6 1 D 2 A 3 F 4 C 5 B 6 E

7 Lehetséges válaszok

1 Why don’t we have a pizza?

2 Let’s go to the cinema / watch a film.

3 Why don’t we go to a football match?

4 What about going shopping?

8 A tanulók saját válaszai.

Nyelvtan 2

9A 1 no article 2 The 3 The, no article 4 no article (x2) 5 The 6 no article, no article, the 7 no article, the 8 no article (x2)


Anna Have you seen the new film with Nicole Kidman?

Robert No, is it good? She usually makes the good films.

Anna Yes, it is. It’s called Moulin Rouge and it’s set in the France, with Ewan McGregor.

Robert What kind of film is it?

Anna It’s a love story and a musical. They sing lots of the famous songs.

Robert It doesn’t sound like the type of film I like.

Anna Oh well, perhaps you’d better just go to the horror films.

A 2 The 3 the 4 a 5 the 6 an

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Hallott szöveg értése

An examination 2 quiet 3 glasses 4 use 5 wasn’t fair

6 looked stupid 7 go for a coffee 8 leave the library 9 got an A



11Note 1: G, E, B, C; Note 2: F, D, A

121 Ludmila phoned. She’s got tickets for the theatre tonight that she can’t use. Do you fancy going? Please phone her asap to tell her if you’d like to go.

2 Sorry I won’t be able to come to your birthday party. I’ll be on holiday in Canada. Hope you have a great party. Thanks for inviting me. See you soon.

13 1 – 2 at 3 – 4 in 5 on 6 – 7 – 8 at

14an invitation A, B

accepting an invitation D

asking someone to do something C

asking for information –

thanking someone for doing something B

Culture focus

1 He worked as a spy in Russia during the war, so he wrote about his own experiences.

2 Goldfinger

3 ‘I’m Bond ... James Bond.’

4 Because they are exciting thrillers.


Unit 3


11 b 2 g 3 c 4 f 5 d 6 h

7 a 8 e

2A bring up, grow up, take after, look after, tell off, put up with

B 1 look after 2 tell (somebody) off 3 grow up 4 take after 5 put up with 6 bring up

C 1 grew up 2 look after 3 told (me) off 4 brought (me) up 5 take after 6 put up with

3 Lehetséges válaszok

Ben is hardworking and thoughtful / caring. Rick is unhappy and selfish. Jade is difficult but caring.

4 A get: a cold / better / some shopping / into trouble; make: friends / your mind up / money / sure / a mistake

B 1 make a mistake 2 get better 3 get into trouble 4 Make sure 5 make your mind up / make up your mind 6 get some shopping 7 make money 8 get a cold 9 make friends


5 A bigger, biggest; cheaper, cheapest; more comfortable, most comfortable; more expensive, most expensive; friendlier, friendliest; nearer, nearest

B 1 The Backpacker’s Hostel is friendlier than The Regent Guest House.

2 The Regent Guest House is the nearest to the city centre.

3 The Crown Hotel is more comfortable than The Backpacker’s Hostel.

4 The Regent Guest House is the most expensive.

5 The Backpacker’s Hostel is nearer the city centre than The Crown Hotel.

6 The Backpacker’s Hostel is the cheapest.

7 The Crown hotel is bigger than The Regent Guest House.

8 The Regent Guest House is the most comfortable.

9 The Crown Hotel is the friendliest.

10 The Backpacker’s Hostel is the biggest.


6 A 1 B 2 B 3 A

B a I think b But the c It looks OK but d I don’t mind

1 nearer 2 smaller 3 more expensive 4 livelier 5 more comfortable 6 cheaper 7 better 8 as convenient as

7 1 I’m ringing about 2 I was wondering if 3 See you then. 4 I’m ringing about 5 I was wondering if 6 Sure. 7 What about 8 I’m sorry 9 What about 10 That would be

Nyelvtan 2

On holiday I met a boy who / that taught me how to waterski.

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