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North Caucasus State Technical University

I study at North Caucasus State Technical University in Stavropol. It was founded in 1970. The University occupies 4 buildings: one building is situated in the center of Stavropol, 3 others are in Kulakov avenue. It was organized to train specialists for many branches of industry. Its numerous labs are equipped with modern machinery and instruments to provide a high level of training. During the last few years our University has become a large center of higher technical education as well as the center for training of specialists in economics, law and linguistics. Today 10 000 students attend many faculties. These faculties are: mechanical engineering, transport and business faculty, civil engineering and power engineering faculty, electronics faculty, oil and gas faculty, faculty of food products biotechnology, economics and finance faculty, faculty of law, social psychology faculty, translator’s faculty, faculty of information system and technologies.

There are 625 highly qualified teachers in our University. Among them 36 are professors and doctors of science, 6 academicians and corresponding members of RAS, 251 are associate professors and candidates of science.

Today a student must assimilate a large quantity of new information which is growing every day. Lectures and seminars alternate with laboratory work, discussions, research work and self-training. The University admits those who wants to be trained in various fields of science.

The academic year begins in September and lasts 10 months till July. There are 2 term in the course of the academic year. The students take examinations twice a year. During the terms students have to attend lectures, to carry out laboratory tests and practical training.

A large part of study time is devoted to basic subjects. This enables future specialists to acquire proper professional knowledge and to master modern methods of scientific research, advanced production technology, its organization and management. At the lectures students listen to lecturers, take notes and ask questions. In seminars they raise problems and discuss them under the direction of their teachers.

The first-year students study mathematics, physics, chemistry, foreign languages, elements of machines, history, mechanical drawing, strength of materials etc. From the second year they start to study special subjects and carry out research works in their student scientific societies. Many students get student grant, the sum of which depends on their successes in studies. There are 2 hostels near the main building and the students from other towns and villages can live there paying a small quantity of money for rent.

The students take an active part in the public life of our University, they issue wall newspapers, give concerts; take part in different conferences and meetings. Each faculty has its own KVN-team and they take part in the University championship gathering full concert hall of grateful audience. They go in for different kinds of sports. Our football team as well as our volleyball and basketball players take part in the city championships.

Our University is a bright integration example of education, science and industry. There are training, research and industrial complexes in our higher education center.

I'm proud to study at this famous University in the North Caucasus.

Answer the questions:

1. What University do you study at?

2. What specialists does it train?

3. How many faculties are there at your Universities?

4. What faculty do you study at?

5. When will you graduate from the University?

6. What subjects do you study?

7. Are you ready for examinations?

8. When do you enter the University?

9. Were the entrance examinations difficult or easy?

10. When do the students have to submit their course designs?

11. Do you attend lectures and seminars regularly?

12. Do you study hard during the academic year?


education образование

important важный

to solve решать

to create создавать

high высокий

worthy достойный

society общество

to achieve достигать

further дальше, дальнейший

science наука

proper надлежащий

extra-mural заочный

opportunity возможность

scholarship стипендия

university университет

experiment опыт

research научная работа

laboratory лаборатория

entrance вход, поступление

department отделение, факультет

correspondence заочно

session сессия

twice дважды

term семестр

to combine сочетать

theoretical теоретический

practical практический

to submit предоставлять на рассмотрение

designs проекты

course курс

usually обычно

curriculum программа

subject предмет

mathematics математика

physics физика

chemistry химия

mechanics механика

strength сопротивление

finance финансы

marketing маркетинг

management управление

to fail провалить экзамен

regularly регулярно

to allow позволять

a thesis диссертация

a core curriculum основная учебная программа

a great concern большой интерес

compulsory schooling обязательное обучение

primary education начальное образование

higher education высшее образование

a profound knowledge глубокие знания

a vocational school профтехучилище

a lyceum лицей

a gymnasium гимназия

applicant абитуриент

undergraduate студент последнего курса

postgraduate аспирант

master's, doctoral degree кандидат, доктор наук

hostel общежитие

Read the dialogue and act it out:

- Hello, Tom. Will you come to our party tonight?

- Thank you, Alee. I'm afraid not. I shan't be able to come because I have to prepare for my examinations.

- Yesterday I saw you in the reading hall during the break. You were working hard.

- Yes, I was, but still I have got a lot of material to learn. That's why I have been reading the whole evening today.

- Oh, I see. You are such a hard-working student. When will the exams end?

- We'll have our last exam on the 23rd of January. Will you be able to join us for skiing trip Saturday morning at 11 o'clock?

- I think not. I'll be taking my exams in the technology of materials at the time.

- How are you going to spend the holidays?

- If I pass the exams successfully on the 25th I'll leave for a holiday home.

- My best wishes to you. Don't worry, I hope everything will be all right.

Translate into English:

1. Учебный год длится с 1-го сентября по 30 июня.

2. Собрание студентов состоится завтра в 3 часа.

3. Наш университет готовит специалистов для различных отраслей промышленности и науки.

4. Я собираюсь сдавать экзамены досрочно.

5. Я хочу навестить своих друзей, которые живут в студенческом общежитии.

6. Я надеюсь успешно сдать экзамены.

7. Я окончу университет через 5 лет и буду работать юристом на предприятии.

8. В России молодежь имеет все возможности учиться.

9. У нас есть все возможности проводить научно-исследовательскую работу.

10. Наш университет сочетает теоретическое обучение с практической работой и практикой на предприятиях.

11. Я должен сдать свой курсовой проект в субботу.

12. Если мне разрешат, я буду пересдавать этот экзамен через несколько дней.

13. Работая над дипломным проектом, мы проводим много времени в читальном зале университета.

14. Я выполню эту работу по подбору научных статей по маркетингу на следующей неделе.

15. В прошлом месяце мы провели первый научный эксперимент.

16. Они выступили на семинаре по теме "Проблемы менеджмента на современном этапе экономического развития страны".


Topic 3: Sports and health

Read and translate the text:

Sports in Russia

Millions of people all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport helps people to stay in good shape, keeps them fit, healthy and makes them more organized and better disciplined in their daily activities.

We have always paid great attention to sport in our schools, colleges and universities. You can hardly find a school without a gym or a sports ground. Every city and town has a few stadiums or swimming pools where local competitions are usually held.

It’s been a tradition in this country to divide sport into professional and amateur. There are different sporting societies and clubs in Russia. Many of them take part in different international tournaments and are known all over the world. A great number of world records have been set by Russian sportsmen: gymnasts, weightlifters, tennis players, swimmers, figure skaters, runners, high jumpers. Our sportsmen also participate in the Olympic Games and always win a lot of gold, silver and bronze medals.

There are also a lot of amateur clubs and keep-fit centers in Russia where people go in for aerobics, yoga, body-building, swimming, skating, jogging. Thousands of people go to the stadiums to support their favourite team and many-many thousands more prefer to watch the games on TV. But watching sports events and going in for sports are two different things.

My favourite kind of sport is tennis. I've been playing it since I was eleven years old, and the more I play it the more I like it. There is a good tennis court not far from my house and whenever I have a chance I go there with a friend of mine.

Answer the questions:

1. Why is sport so important in our life? Why do people go in for sports?

2. Was there a gym or a sports ground in your school?

3. What professional sporting societies or clubs do you know?

4. Are there any keep-fit centers in your neighborhood? Do you do there?

5. Do you go in for sports or do you prefect to watch other people playing?

6. What team are you a fan of?

7. What is your favorite kind of sport?

8. How long have you been playing it?

9. Do you take part in competitions?

10. What games are popular in Russia?


contest соревнования, состязания

tournament турнир

team команда

a visit team команда гостей

a home team команда хозяев поля

a national team сборная команда

a team victory командная победа

an individual victory личная победа

perform выступать (на соревнованиях)

performance выступление

full of surprises полон неожиданностей

defeat нанести поражение

to suffer a defeat потерпеть поражение

(far) below one's best (намного) ниже своих возможностей

to do one's best лучше своих возможностей

find sport a great help in smth. считать, что спорт помогает в...

gymnastic гимнастика

swimming плавание

athletic атлетика

fencing фехтование

chess шахматы

hockey хоккей

football футбол

basketball баскетбол

volleyball волейбол

cycle велосипед

badminton бадминтон

table-tennis настольный теннис

calisthenics художественная гимнастика

to be well-ordered быть хорошо-организованным

to be technically skilled быть технически сильным

final(s) финал

semi-final(s) полу-финал

quarter-final(s) четверть финала

to place high hopes on возлагать высокие надежды на...

his success/result speaks for itself его успех, результат говорит сам за себя

to be/keep fit хорошо себя чувствовать

injure получить травму

injury травма

to drop out of выбыть из (соревнований)

quality for выйти в финал

to set a record установить рекорд

to beat a record/break a record побить рекорд

ground футбольная команда, стадион

defence защита

defender защитник

attack нападение, атака

attacking атакующий

goalkeeper вратарь

forward нападающий

center-forward центральный нападающий

goal гол, ворота

score счет

what's the score? - 6:4 (six to four) какой счет?

to change the score изменить счет

to equalize the score сравнять счет

to score a goal забить гол

shoot с силой послать мяч

shot удар

penalty kick штрафной удар

miss промахнуться, не попасть

in one's favour в чью-то пользу

draw ничья

to play for a victory играть ради победы

to play for a draw играть в ничью

versus против

put up a good show выступить хорошо

take the lead выйти вперед

lose the lead отставать

newcomer новичок

veteran ветеран

play on a par with играть на равных с...

replace заменить

replacement замена

to play a man short играть в меньшинстве

period период

referee судья

Find out about the experiences of other students in your class using the questions in the dialogue:

- What's your favourite sport, Andrew?

- Well, I like most sports, but I suppose I like football most of all. Like most people.

- Yes, I suppose football is the most popular sport. Personally, I don't like football. I don't enjoy competitive sports. I like cycling and horse riding.

- Isn't horse riding very expensive?

- Yes, it's more expensive than cycling.

- I think, horse riding is the most expensive sport. What do you think is the most tiring sport?

- Well, horse riding is very tiring.

- Do you think it's more tiring than, say, tennis?

- Oh, yes. I'm exhausted after I've been horse riding. What about you?

- Well, for me tennis is the most tiring. What do you think is the most dangerous sport?

- I think hang gliding is very dangerous.

- Well, that's what many people think. But you know, there are more accidents to do with windsurfing than there are with hang gliding.

- I didn't know that. Which is the most difficult sport, in your opinion?

- How about climbing? I think climbing is very hard.

- Well, I think skiing is more difficult than climbing.

- No, I don't agree. Climbing looks incredibly difficult.

- And what do you think is the most exciting sport?

- Well, tennis, I think. What about you?

- It has to be motor racing. Motor racing is the most exciting sport for me.

Translate into English:

1. Я не принимаю участия в соревнованиях по волейболу. Беда в том, что я не готов к соревнованиям, я еще не совсем поправился после травмы колена.

2. Аня не принимала участия в соревнованиях по гимнастике из-за серьезной травмы ноги. Очень жаль, мы возлагали на нее большие надежды.

3. У меня нет времени для занятия спортом. Я понимаю, что спорт очень помогает в учебе и в жизни, но я не могу распределить время между занятиями и спортом.

4. Мне бы очень хотелось остаться на соревнованиях по художественной гимнастике, но я должен идти в библиотеку готовиться к семинару по педагогике.

5. Ты любишь смотреть хоккей по телевизору? - Нет. - Я тоже. Не могу понять, что люди находят в хоккее.

6. Нина выступила ниже своих возможностей и выбыла из соревнований.

7. Кто установил новый рекорд по прыжкам в высоту?

8. Наши пловцы установили много национальных рекордов на Олимпийских Играх в Москве. Сальников завоевал 3 золотые медали.

9. Наша сборная по гандболу добилась права выступать в полуфинале. Ты уверена?

Read and translate the text:


In Britain, when you're ill, you go to a doctor near your home. Doctors are men and women, and you can say who you prefer. You usually only spend about ten minutes with the doctor. They can usually say what the matter is very quickly, and often give you a prescription for some medicine. You get this at the chemist's shop. If not, they may suggest you go to a specialist. Most people only go to their doctor when they're ill. People with colds and coughs don't go to their doctor but to the chemist, to buy medicine. Doctors only come to your home when you're very ill. In an emergency you can call an ambulance on 999. The ambulance takes you to hospital for treatment. Friends and relatives visit you in hospital at certain hours of the day, but they don't stay there.

You don't pay for a visit to the doctor or to the hospital in Britain, but when you work you pay a government tax for your medical care. You also pay for prescriptions if you're over 18.


medicine лекарство

treat for лечить от

do good помочь

give direction, recommendation дать предписание, назначение

relieve the pain облегчить боль

write out a prescription, a sickleave выписать рецепт, бюллетень

make out a medicine certificate выписать справку

take a medicine for принимать лекарство от

mixture микстура

pills таблетки

on an empty stomach натощак

pain relieve (killer) болеутоляющее

prescription рецепт

chemist's shop аптека

hospital больница

treatment облегчение

ambulance скорая помощь

be in good health быть здоровым

feel well/be fine/all right хорошо себя чувствовать

be in good shape/fit быть в хорошей форме

patient больной

in-patient стационарный больной

out-patient амбулаторный больной

hurt пострадавший

be sick быть больным

be ill/feel ill (with) болеть

be out of order быть не в себе

be in poor/ill health иметь плохое здоровье

be in a bad (poor) shape быть в плохой форме

take a turn for the worse наступило ухудшение

get better выздоравливать

be out of danger быть вне опасности

ache боль(продолжительная, тупая)

toothache зубная боль

headache головная боль

stomachache (upset) боль в желудке

I'm all ache. У меня все болит

pain боль

feel pain (suffer from pain) испытывать боль

have a sharp pain острая боль

the pain was gone боль прошла

sore воспаленный

have a sore throat болит горло

sneezing чихание

runny nose/cold in the head насморк

catch a cold простудиться

cough/bad cough кашель, сильный кашель

anxiety беспокойство(нервное)

fatigue утомление

be low стресс

be run down переутомление

a bout приступ

a bout of depression приступ депрессии

Act out the following bits of conversation:


- Good morning. How are you?

- Fine, thanks.

- So, if you're fine, why are you here to see me?

- No, what I meant was, oh, it doesn't matter. I've got a headache. I seem to have it all the time.

- I see. Any other symptoms?

- Well. I've got a cough as well.

- Do you smoke?

- Yes, I do. And I feel tired all the time.

- Okay, let's have a look.


- And what seems to be the matter with you?

- I feel sick and I've got a stomachache.

- Let me see. Have you got a headache?

- Yes, I have.

- You look rather hot. Yes, you've got a bit of a temperature. I think it must be something you ate yesterday.

- I only had a sandwich yesterday.

- What kind of sandwich?

- It was a cheese sandwich.

- Well, it's probably nothing serious, but I'll give you some medicine...


- And what seems to be the trouble?

- I've hurt my leg.

- How did you do that?

- In a game of football.

- Football? Don't you think you're too old to play football?

- Well, I'm only seventy-three.

- Really! Well, let me see now...

Translate into English:

1. У нее болела голова и был грипп.

2. Сколько таблеток я должна принимать? 3 таблетки в день натощак.

3. Если вы хотите лекарство, то доктор выпишет рецепт.

4. В аптеке, кроме лекарств, вы можете купить всякие виды других вещей, таких как мыло, щетки, расчески, зубные пасты и многое другое.

5. Врач прописал мне микстуру.

6. Ты больна? Ты выглядишь совсем плохо.

7. Вы должны лежать в постели. У вас все болит.

8. Я хорошо себя чувствую.

9. Как здоровье вашего брата? Спасибо, прекрасно.

10. Пожалуйста, дайте мне что-нибудь от зубной боли.


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