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Before-ingandafter-ing:I always have breakfast beforegoing to work (=before I go to work). I started work afterreading the newspaper (= after I read the newspaper).

During + noun: during the film

While + verb: We didn’t speak whilewe were eating.

Ago refers to past time (one year ago = one year since it happened): Five years ago I went to the tropics.



E x e r c i s e s


2.14. Complete the sentences. Use before/during/after + the best ending from the box.

before during after   + the end, the course, work, the night, lunch, the examination, you cross the road, they went to the USA

1) Always look both ways before you cross the road.

2) Are you going home ….. ? – No, we’re going to a restaurant.

3) Somebody broke a window ….. . Did you hear anything?

4) My children lived in Paris ….. .

5) Carol went to evening classes to learn French. She learnt a lot ….. .

6) The play was very boring. We left ….. .

7) My husband usually has lunch at 12.00 and ….. he goes back to work.

8) I was nervous ….. .


2.15. Put in during or while.

1) He fell out of bed while he was asleep.

2) They don’t eat much ….. the day, but they always have a big meal in the evening.

3) She read the magazine ….. she was waiting for her daughter.

4) The students looked very bored ….. the lesson.

5) I visited a lot of places of interest ….. I was on holiday.

6) Your husband telephoned ….. you were out.

7) They didn’t speak ….. they were watching the film.

2.16. Put in before or ago.

1) This film looks familiar. Didn’t we see it at the cinema two years ago?

2) A young girl threw herself off this bridge last week. Her boyfriend had left her some days ….. .

3) The Smith family went back to live in London in 1990. They had lived there five years ….. .

4) My radio is working now. They repaired it a week …... .


2.17. Translate into English. Use before/during/after/while.

1) Прежде чем съесть яблоко, она тщательно его вымыла.

2) Не забудь закрыть окно, перед тем как уйти.

3) Пока мы играли в теннис, начался дождь.

4) Кто-то за ночь украл машину.

5) Мы многому научились за курс обучения испанскому языку.

6) После посещения магазинов они пошли домой.



ReviEW exercises

(Prepositions of time)


Put in the missing prepositions of time where necessary.

1) A new line of goods is due to appear on the market ..... half a year.

2) The tourists got to the hotel just ..... time. Some minutes later a terrible storm broke out.

3) ..... the end of the match it started raining.

4) We tried to persuade him to accept our proposal. ..... the end he agreed.

5) The lesson didn't start ..... time, because the electricity was cut off for some time.

6) Don't write a report ..... you get all the necessary information.

7) This information may be very useful ..... the near future.

8) The mountains looked fantastic ..... sunset.

9) May I phone you ..... eleven? Isn't it too late?

10) ..... present our group is working out a new management strategy.

11) They'll get married ..... next summer.

12) We have to wait for the answer ..... Friday. It's too late.

13) Mr and Mrs Smith have been married ..... 1961.

14) They didn't say a word to each other ..... they were travelling.

15) The first man walked on the Moon ..... 21 July 1969.

16) Rock-n-roll became popular in the United States ..... the 1960s.

Correct the mistakes.

1) My interview is on 4 o’clock in Friday.

2) We’ve been waiting here from ten minutes.

3) Are you leaving at Sunday morning?

4) He worked in a bank during three years.

5) My friends are on holiday on August.

6) I always visit my parents in Christmas.

7) Tom usually plays football in the weekend.

8) They’ve known me on my childhood.

9) She was born in March 3rd at 1970.

10) Kate was listening to the radio during she was taking a bath.

11) The doctors operated on the man just on time to save his life.

12) Are you doing anything in the end of next week?

13) Ken fell asleep in front of the TV in the football match.

14) The clock stopped in midnight.

15) He found his new contact lenses strange at first, but he got used to them at the end.

16) The President of the firm is busy in the moment. He'll let us know when he is free.


Complete the news item about the British runner Stan Crowe. Put in the missing prepositions.

Stan Crowe hopes to run against James Boto of Kenya in a 1500 metres race in Paris (1) ….. June 16th. Both men will want to break Cliff Holding’s world record. Holding ran the 1500 metres (2) ….. 3 minutes 28 seconds last year. Holding will also be running in Seattle (3) ….. June 14th, two days (4) ….. the Paris meeting.

British fans have been hoping (5) ….. several months to see Crowe win back his record. He last ran against Boto (6) ….. April, when he fell and hurt himself (7) ….. the race. He was just behind Boto (8) ….. the time. The two men had not met (9) ….. the last Olympic Games in Peking. Crowe has had to rest (10) ….. his accident, but he was back in action (11) ….. seven o’clock (12) ….. Saturday evening when he won a rather slow race in Edinburgh. He hopes to be fully fit by the end of this month at the latest . If he is not fit for Paris, he will have to wait (13) ….. the Commonwealth Games. These Games take place in Ottawa (14) ….. August 14th (15) ….. 20th.

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