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Set Expressions with NO ARTICLE


arm in arm from beginning to end in time/ on time
ask for permission from east to west into consideration
at dawn at daybreak from head to foot from morning till night keep house lose control
at dinner from side to side lose touch with
at dusk from time to time make fun of / love/ war
at first sight get out of bed/ town make progress
at noon/ midnight/ night go down town move house
at peace/ at war go on board (a ship) on behalf of
at present go to sea/ be at sea on business
at random hand in hand on condition that
at sunrise/ sunset at twilight have good /bad luck have great fun on account of on demand
be at home/ school in addition to on sale
be/to stay in bed in charge of on tiptoe/ on foot
by chance in (for) fun out of date/fashion
by heart by mail by means of in debt in demand in detail out of order out of place out of sight
by mistake in fact pay attention to
by name in favour of shake hands with
by order of in honour of step by step
day and night in search of take care of
do business in sight to/at sea
find fault with in spite of take notes of
for hours run risks take advantage of


E x e r c i s e s


5.1. Fill in the gaps using a/an or the if necessary.

1) I bought a hat and a pair of shoes at ….. shop. Unfortunately ….. shoes are ….. wrong size. I'll take them back tomorrow.

2) How much are the driving lessons? – Fifteen pounds ….. hour.

3) But I had ….. suspicion that he wasn't speaking ….. truth because ….. meter readers usually wear ….. peaked caps.

4) He said, "As ….. matter of ….. fact, there was ….. explosion in ….. last house I visited; and Mr Smith, ….. owner of ….. house, was burnt in ….. face."

5) By this time I had come to ….. conclusion that he wasn't ….. genuine meter reader; and ….. moment he left ….. house I rang ….. police.

6) ….. fog was so thick that we couldn't see ….. side of ….. road. We followed ….. car in front of us and hoped that we were going ….. right way.

7) I don't know what ….. price ….. owners are asking. But Dry and Pot are ….. agents. You could give them ….. ring and make them ….. offer.

8) ….. postman's little boy says that he'd rather be ….. dentist than ….. doctor, because ….. dentists don't get called out at ….. night.

9) Just as ….. air hostess (there was only one on the plane) was handling me ….. cup of ….. coffee ….. plane gave ….. lunch and ….. coffee went all over ….. person on ….. other side of ….. gangway.

10) There was ….. collision between ….. car and ….. cyclist at crossroads near ….. my house early in ….. morning. ….. cyclist was taken to ….. hospital.

Correct any errors where necessary.

1) After lunch, we went for walk by sea.

2) I'm not very hungry. I had big breakfast.

3) John was only person I talked to at the party.

4) We shook hands with host.

5) He is thoroughly selfish man; he wouldn't lift finger to help anyone.

6) I come to the school by the bus.

7) My favourite subject is the History, but I'm not very good at the Maths.

8) Leave early if you want to miss a rush hour.

9) Last night we had the dinner in the restaurant.

10) I went to bed late.

11) He took his shoes off and entered on tiptoe.

12) I have headache.

13) I have pain in my shoulder.


Use the proper article where necessary

1) If the Mrs Hillier phones, say I'm away on trip.

2) The burglaries are definitely on increase.

3) They'll go on trip to Caspian Sea.

4) They'll go to London by train.

5) I hope weather will be fine on Sunday. Then we shall be able to go to country.

6) They will stay in Odessa for couple of weeks, then they go to Black Sea for their holiday.

7) My sons are fond of football. They are football fans. They support same team.

8) I have come here on business. I shall go home as soon as I settle some business matters.

9) "Dixon has opened score," John shouted.

10) Has he gone to Sochi for pleasure or on business?


Fill in the blanks with articles if necessary. Dramatize the story.

An Urgent Call

At about two o'clock on (1) a cold winter morning, (2) ….. doctor drove seven miles in answer to (3) ….. telephone call. When he reached (4) ….. place, (5) ….. man who had called him in said:

"Doctor, I must have strained myself. I haven't got (6) ….. sore throat, I'm not running (7) ….. temperature, but I'm suffering from (8) ….. terrible feeling that (9)….. death is near."

(10) ….. doctor felt (11) ….. man's pulse, examined him and took his temperature.

Have you made your will?" he asked at last.

"Why, no, doctor," (12) ….. man looked frightened. "Oh, doctor, it can't be true, can it? You must prescribe (13) ….. medicine for me."

"Have you got any children? Send for them at once. Your father, too, should be called, your…"

"I say, doctor, do you really think I'm going to die?"

(14) ….. doctor looked at him carefully.

"No, I don't", he replied. "You are as fit as anything. But I hate to be (15) ….. only man you've made a fool of on (16) ….. night like this."


5.5. Fill in the gaps with a/an or the if necessary.

1) The child is likely to be having ..... fever, his forehead feels hot.

2) The road was empty and our car was travelling at ..... speed of over a hundred miles.

3) The film was so exciting that we enjoyed every bit of it from..... beginning to ..... end.

4) When he left home for rather long periods Mrs Fairfax was keeping ..... house and did it fairly well.

5) A big box from the luggage rack tumbled down on our heads. It wasn't heavy though, but gave us ..... hell of ..... fright.

6) It was dark and cold and a dog was heard barkingin ..... distance.

7) Emmie laid ..... table, put some cold snack and a pot of coffee and they sat down for the evening meal.

8) A barrister specializes in arguing cases in front of a judge on..... behalfof his/her client.

9) Well, on..... one hand, it's good to be able to live on your own, but on..... other hand, you may start feeling lonely very soon.

10) You won't believe, but I saw Kevin just ..... other day!

11) Sarah's mother was in..... favour of strict discipline and old classical education.

12) Only the 5th film by Stephen Spielberg was ..... success but it enabled him to choose what films he would like to make in the future.

13) Every country controls its news reporting when it is at ..... war.

14) The car raced down the road and soon was out of ..... sight.

15) This product is ready to be supplied on..... demand.

16) It was a good idea to have a picnic on this lovely island and all of us had great ..... fun.


5.6. Translate into English:

1) У существительного sheep одна форма для единственного и множественного числа.

2) На наш запрос в швейцарское посольство пришел утвердительный ответ.

3) Вы дойдете до площади Победы и справа увидите булочную, а слева молочный магазин.

4) Эта дорога тянется с востока на запад более чем на 2 тыс.км.

5) Джейн стала на цыпочки и заглянула в окно.

6) Такие платья уже давно вышли из моды.

7) Кто позаботится об этом бедном ребенке?

8) Время от времени от Мартина приходили письма, и мы был рады, что он жив.

9) Часами сидела старая женщина на скамейке в парке и смотрела, как играют дети, а их няни судачат (сплетничают) о своих хозяевах.

10) Очень жарко! Почему бы нам не пойти искупаться?

11) Они, по сути дела, предали Тима, который так доверял им.

12) Последние дни он так нервничал и переживал, что в результате с ним случился сердечный приступ.

13) Эта площадь названа в честь знаменитого мореплавателя.

14) Она открыла дверь и увидела двух мальчиков лет 10-11 в легкой одежде, которые стояли, держась за руки.

15) Обменявшись быстрым рукопожатием, детективы тотчас направились к машине.

16) Такие вещи не происходят случайно.

17) Политические разногласия не должны разрешаться путем войны.


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