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B. Adjectives, Adverbs, Participles

1. I'm getting on ... with the local people here, a) nice b) good c) well

2. I saw a ... play at the theatre last month, a) well b) good c) best

3. He is much ... than his brother. a) higher b) taller c) more

4. I must stay in bed today. I feel.... a) badly b) well c) bad

5. Sally looks .... She's won the competition. a) happily b) happy c) happiness

6. Peter speaks ... English. a) good b) well c) nice

7. They laughed.... a) happily b) happy c) happiness

8 No wonder she's won the scholarship. She's worked so ... - a) hardly b) hard c) hardy

9. Ann was ... to pass her entrance exams. She's a student now. a) successful b) merry c) lucky

10. They must have ... one child. a) at all b) at least c) at last

11. Malcolm thinks the exams were dead.... a) light b) easy c) easily

12. ... we found the children in the wood. a) At all b) At last c) At least

13. Peter's pretty ... at tennis, isn't he? a) well b) best c) good

14. Did anyone help you? - No one. I was just... . a) happy b) merry c) lucky

15.1 prefer to go by sea. Ships do not travel fast, but... you can relax. a) at all b) at least c) at last

16. He convinced us of the need for ... work. a) difficult b) heavy c) hard

17.1 wanted to go to Spain, but in the end I went nowhere.... a) at all b) at least c) at last

18. I'm ... in buying new furniture for my lounge, a) interesting b) interest c) interested

19. The story was so ... she couldn't tear herself away from the book. a) excited b) exciting c) excitement

20. Let's stay inside. It's ... raining. a) still b) yet c) already

21. She felt... before the interview. a) excited b) exciting c) excitement

22. I've started to learn Greek, but I haven't got very far... a) still b) yet c) already

23. I haven't heard from my sister... . a) late b) lately c) latest

24. At ten o'clock this morning John was ... in bed. a) yet b) still c) already

25. This car uses so much petrol you can ... afford to run it. a) hardly b) hard c) nearly

26. Her mother will be angry if she stays out... . a) late b) lately c) latest

27. Let me help you. The suitcase is too ... for you to carry, a) heavy b) difficult c) hard

28. Have you heard the ... news? a) late b) lately c) latest

29. The idea was very ... to the new manager, a) interested b) interesting c) interest

30. The Urals are not as ... as the Alps. a) tall b) long c) high

31. She works ... a guide in one of the tourist agencies, a) as b) like c) as if

32. This white dress looks ... a wedding dress, a) as b) like c) as well

33. This is a nice material. It feels ... silk, a) as b) like c) exactly

34. He is known to his friends ... a very dependable person, a) as b) like c) as though

35. I don't know him very well... .He's just an acquaintance, a) also b) too c) either

36. Ruth is a very sensible girl. She is dependable, .... a) also b) too c) either

37. Linda is ... efficient and polite to the customers, a) so b) such c) too

38. Fred is ... a good mixer. He's always the centre of any group he's in. a) so b) such c) very

39 Max is good at tennis. He can ... play badminton, a) also b) too c) either

C Nouns

1. Tom has bought a new ... of trousers. a) pair b) couple c) double

2. I worked till six ... last Friday. a) hours b) clocks c) o'clock

3. I ordered some seeds for the garden a ... of days ago. a) pair b) couple c) double

4. I prefer gas... to electric ones. a) cookers b) cooks c) cooking

5. There's a narrow winding... from our village to the next one. a) way b) road c) street

6. Chess is a very slow-... . a) game b) play c) act

7. My father is a very good... . a) cooker b) cook c) cooking

8. It's a long ... from here to the station, a) way b) road c) street

9. He's going to stage one of Shakespeare's early .... a) games b) plays c) acts

10. I'm hot. Let's sit in the .... a) shadow b) shade c) sun

11. It's a science fiction story about a man without a .... a) shadow b) shade c) umbrella

12. They are used to walking all the ... to school, a) street b) road c) way

13. It was late but we stayed for another.... a) o'clock b) clock c) hour

14. When we entered the hall we discovered that all the ... had been occupied. a) places b) seats c) room

15. The car is too small. There isn't enough ... for four, a) place b) seat c) room

16. The best... for the picture is over the mantelpiece, a) place b) seat c) room

17. BBC broadcasts programmes in several.... a) tongues b) languages c) sounds

18. His mother ... is Welsh. He speaks English with a Welsh accent. a) tongue b) language c) speech

19. A funny ... happened to me at the railway station, a) incident b) accident c) case

20. A few people were injured in a railroad ... yesterday, a) incident b) accident c) case

21.1 believe it was a clear ... of carelessness, a) incident b) accident c) case






I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. They (have) their English class in the morning today, but normally they (have) English classes in the afternoon.

2. The police (not/find) the criminal yet.

3. I'm afraid we (not/reach) the bus stop in time if we (walk) so slowly.

4. I already (write) a letter to Brian. I think he (get) it in a few days.

5. There was little time left, but they (drive) at top speed and (get) to the airport in time for the check-out.

6. Peter already (pack) his things when Kitty (come) to help him. He (pack) since morning.

II. Use the right article.

1. ... man had ... blue eyes,... black hair and ... long nose. He was dressed in ... strange uniform.

2. When I was ... child, I never ate ... cheese.

3. Excuse me. Could you tell me... way to ... Picadilly Circus?

4. She always takes ... bath before going to ... bed.

5. Her parents have ... small farm in ... Yorkshire.

III Choose the suitable preposition.

1 Thanks for looking (on, at, after) me when I was ill.

2 People have always been kind (with, on, to) me.

3 I'm sorry to say but the letter didn't reach (at, to, -) me.

4 Would you like to go (to, for, on) a swim? 5. I'll see you (at, on, in) ten days' time.

IV. Choose the suitable pronoun.

1. She was talking to (him, himself, oneself) when the telephone rang.

2. He was angry because they hadn't lent him (no, some, any) money.

3. I earn (fewer, less) money than a postman.

4. It's (not, no, neither) use crying over spilt milk.

5. There isn't (many, much, plenty) wine in the bottle.

V. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence.

1. someone/build ings/an/is/who/architect/designs.

2. left/the/fire/was/nothing/the/building/of/after.

3. Mary/since/saw/changed/we/last/has/her?

4. please/pass/salt/could/the/you/me?

VI. Choose the right variant.

1. Who's Susan?

a) She's a pharmacist.

b) She is my cousin.

c) She is a smart girl.

3. What's the matter with you?

a) I'm a student.

b) I've got a stomach­ache.

c) I'm shy.

2. What do you do?

a) I'm listening to music.

b) I'm a hairdresser.

c) I'm James' sister.

4. Can you tell me the way to the market square?

a) Sure, it's over there.

b) That's all right.

c) Here you are.

VII. Choose the appropriate word.

I live in Sweden, but (every, any) summer I (like, would like) to travel to Britain to visit my family and friends. I hate flying (so, as) last summer I decided that for (a change, an exchange) I would travel by (coach, foot). According to the brochure I was (given, taken) at the travel agency the (journey, voyage) sounded (wonderful, wonderfully) t at (least, last) in theory. But in fact (it, there) was a nightmare from start to (finish, ending).


I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets.

1. It (be) a cold winter night. It (snow) hard and I (want) to get back home quickly.

2. I never (work) so hard in my life as now when I (write) my diploma-paper.

3. I (learn) riding a bike when I (be) five years old. I (ride) for 20 years already.

4. Where he (go) when you (meet) him in the morning? -To the library.

5. I never (wear) a tie to work and I (refuse) to start now.

6. No sooner I (reach) the door than I (realize) it (lock).

7. As I (cross) the road I (see) Alice coming out of the bookshop. She (say) she (buy) some English books in the original.

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