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Read this dialogue and act it out, making some changes. Mr. Petrov is going to London. He prefers to travel by air. He asks his secretary, Miss Ivanova, to make a reservation for him.

Miss Ivanova (speaking over the telephone): Good morning. I want to make a reservation for a non-stop flight to London. Are there any seats available on Monday?

Travel agent: Just a minute... Let me check. What time of day do you want to go?

Miss Ivanova: In the afternoon.

Travel agent: All right. Flight number 2500 is full but there is a space on Pan Am’s flight at 3:00. Does that suit you?

Miss Ivanova: The Pan Am suits me perfectly. What time does it get in?

Travel agent: At 5:40 p.m.

Miss Ivanova: That’s very convenient. And what’s the number of the flight?

Travel agent: 147. May I have your name, please?

Miss Ivanova: I’m making reservation for my chief, Mr. Petrov.

Travel agent: Thank you.

Miss Ivanova: Thank you. You were most helpful.


Useful phrases

At the airport

Checking in

- I’m sorry, where’s the check-in counter for... airlines?

- Have you got any luggage?

- I’m sorry, this suitcase is too large, you’ll have to check it in.

- What’s the charge for excess luggage?

- This is your boarding card.

- Your flight departs from terminal 1, gate 8.

- It’s through concourse 4 on level 2.


- Your passport / visa is invalid.

- You must fill in an address or a hotel where you’ll be staying.

- You haven’t filled out the complete form.

Baggage reclaim

- Excuse me, I need a baggage cart / luggage trolley.

- Can you change money; I need coins for the cart.

- You can collect your luggage at carousel 4.

- Your luggage is on the other conveyor belt.

- I think that is my suitcase.

- Could you help me with his suitcase, it’s rather heavy.


- I’ve lost my suitcase / my suitcase was damaged.

Role play

Work in pairs. You are at the airport. You would like to check in. Complete the dialogue and then act it out.


Receptionist: Good afternoon. May I have your name, please?


Receptionist: Let me see. Yes, here you are. You should have your luggage registered. Can you put your luggage up here, please?


Receptionist: We allow only three pieces. I’m afraid you’ll have to pay an extra charge.


Receptionist: That’s 8 dollars.


Receptionist: Thank you. Here is your ticket and your boarding pass. Enjoy your flight!



At the Customs

Practise this dialogue. You have just arrived in England by plane, and you must go through passport control. This is a man in front of you talking to the passport official.

Passport official: Can I see your passport, please? And have you filled in a landing-card?

Man: No, I haven’t. Nobody gave me one.

Passport official: Well, you must fill one in. You can do it on that table over there.

Man: I see. - Now, here’s my landing-card.

Passport official: Thank you. What’s the purpose of your visit?

Man: I’m visiting my daughter.

Passport official: And how long are you going to stay here?

Man: About a week.

Passport official: All right. I hope you have a pleasant stay in Britain. Now go to Customs, please. Thank you.

Customs Officer: Would you put your bags over here, please? Have you anything to declare?

Man: I don’t think so.

Customs Officer: Have you got any spirits or tobacco?

Man: I’ve got 50 cigars and a bottle of wine.

Customs Officer: That’s all right. What’s in this bag? Any presents?

Man: Yes, this kitchen clock. It’s for my daughter.

Customs Officer: Would you mind showing me your camera, please?

Man: Not at all.

Customs Officer: O. K. That’s all then. You can go through.

Useful phrases

- I have nothing to declare.

- Presents for my English friends.

- Do I have to pay tax on…?

- Have you ever been to... (before)?

- I’ve never been here before.

- Is this your first visit to the UK?

- Yes, it’s my first visit to Britain.

- Is this the first time you’ve been to London?

- Yes/No, this is the first time I have visited...

- Are you here on business, as a visitor?

- I’m here as a visitor/tourist/on business, vacation.

- I’m staying in England for four days/weeks/months.

- Where are you going to from here?

- Where have you come from (now)?

- What do you want to do after...?

- Do you travel a lot?

- Are you visiting friends?

Role play

Work in pairs. Complete the dialogue and then act it out.

Passport official: Your passport, please. Have you filled in the landing-card?


Passport official: Is this your first visit to the UK?


Passport official: And how long are you going to stay in London?


Passport official: All right. Now go to Customs, please.

Customs Officer: Have you anything to declare?


Customs Officer: Have you brought any presents for your friends?


Customs Officer: What have you got in your bag?



Customs Officer: Where did you buy two bottles of whisky?


Customs Officer: You’ll have to pay tax, you know.


Customs Officer: That’s 1, please. Is this all your luggage?


Customs Officer: O.K. That’s all, thank you.




At the hotel

Practise this dialogue. You have booked a room together with your flight to London. When you arrive at your hotel, there is a man talking to the receptionist.

Man: I’m Mr. Petrov. I booked a room with bath.

Receptionist: Just a moment, please. Yes, Mr. Petrov, a single room with bath for three days. It’s room 410 on the fourth floor. It costs £18 a night.

Man: It that with breakfast?

Receptionist: No, breakfast is not included. That’s £1.20 extra.

Man: Is the room quiet? I don’t want to be disturbed by the traffic.

Receptionist: It’s very quiet. It’s at the back of the house, so you won’t hear the traffic. Here’s the key.

Man: Thank you very much. When do you serve dinner? I’m very hungry.

Receptionist: Our restaurant is open until midnight. It’s on the fifth floor.

Man: Thank you.

Receptionist: I also sell tickets for the theatre, sir. Do you want a ticket for tonight?

Man: No, thank you. I’m too tired. Perhaps tomorrow. Good night.

Receptionist: Good night, sir.

Useful phrases

Booking a room

- I would like to book / reserve a double room with shower, please.

- I need /require accommodation for the following nights.

- I’d prefer a non-smoking room.

- Have you got any vacancies? / Do you have any rooms available?

- How much is the room per night, with breakfast / half board / full board?


- We are fully booked.

- We regret to inform you that we have no rooms available.

- We will not be able to accommodate you during that period.

- We can only offer you a continental breakfast.

- Due to renovations our hotel will be closed.

- I’m afraid I’ve lost my key / key card.

- I can’t get the air-conditioning / television to work.

- Could I change rooms? My neighbours are very noisy/loud.

- I can’t turn off / on the heating.

- The toilet is blocked / doesn’t flush.

- Do you have a hairdryer / extra towels?

- The tap is dripping.

- I’d like to see the manager, please.

At the reception desk

- I’ve booked a room for 2 nights.

- I’d like to extend my stay for an extra 2 nights, please.

- My wife will be joining me this weekend. Will there be an extra charge?

- Do you offer an overnight laundry (dry-)cleaning service?

- Can I send a fax to my office from here?

- Could you arrange for a taxi at 3 o’clock this afternoon, please?

- Are there any messages for me?

Checking out

- Could I have a late check-out, please?

- I’d like to check out, please.

- We’re leaving today. Could you make up my bill / check?

- Can I pay by credit card?

- Could you make a separate bill for my telephone calls, please?

Role play

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