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Legal Addresses of the Parties

The Buyer: The Seller:

Company: Brown & Co., Ltd Company: Techmachimport

432 Oxford St. Moscow

London, W1 United Kingdom Russia

For and on behalf of the Seller For and on behalf of the Buyer


John Brown Alexander Petrov

General Manager Marketing Director


Writing Practice

Сomplete these sentences.

1 The equipment should be delivered ________.

2 The prices were ________.

3 The goods should be delivered not later ________.

4 Before accepting the goods the representatives of the Buyer ________.

5 The goods should be insured against ________.

6 The quality of the delivered goods are guaranteed ________.

7 If the equipment proves to be defective ________.

8 Disputes that cannot be settled by parties ________.

9 After the contract has been signed ________.

10 All alterations in this contract are valid ________.



Telephoning for an appointment

Practise this dialogue.

Mr. Petrov: Сould I speak to Mr. Brown, please?

Secretary: I’m sorry Mr. Brown isn’t available. He has gone on business and won’t be back until next Tuesday. This is his secretary speaking. Can I help you?

Mr. Petrov: Yes, please. My name is Petrov.

Secretary: I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch your name.

Mr. Petrov: Petrov. P-e-t-r-o-v. I’m from Moscow.

Secretary: Oh, yes, Mr. Petrov, that’s right. Mr. Brown expected you to phone him, and he asked our Sales Manager, Mr. Smith, to have a word with you. Now I’m putting you through to Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith: Good afternoon, Mr. Petrov.

Mr. Petrov: Good afternoon, Mr. Smith. I wonder if I can make arrangements with you about the test of the equipment we are buying from you.

Mr. Smith: Certainly, you can. This is just what Mr. Brown wanted me to talk to you about. When would you like us to make the test?

Mr. Petrov: Well, as soon as possible. If everything is ready for the test let’s start it on Monday.

Mr. Smith: Very good. Then we are expecting you at the testing department of our factory on Monday. Goodbye.

Mr. Petrov: Goodbye.


Useful phrases

Starting the call

-Hello. Could I speak to...?

-Hello. Is that Michael?

-Yes, speaking.

-Hello, this is …

-Hello, Ivanov speaking.

-Who’s calling, please?

-Could you please spell your name?

-May I have a word with…?

- Could you put me through to…?

- I’m calling about / to...

-Where are you calling from?

Making an appointment, arranging a date

- I’d like to make an appointment with...

- Would the 10th of December suit you /be OK?

- Could we meet on Monday the 10th?

- How about Monday the 10th?

- Could you come to my office on Monday morning?

- Let me consult my schedule.

- I guess Tuesday would be more convenient.

Changing appointments

- I’m afraid that / sorry but…

- I’m afraid he’s not in the office at the moment.

- I have to change our appointment.

- I can’t make it on Monday.

- Could we arrange another date?

- I’m afraid I have to cancel the meeting.

- I can arrive at your office tomorrow morning.

- Please come at 9.00 a.m. sharp.


- I’m sorry. The line is busy. Will you hold or call back?

- Hold on one moment, please.

- We have a bad connection.

- Would you speak a little louder /more slowly, please?

- Could you speak up?

- You’ve got the wrong number.

- I’ve dialed the wrong number.

- I’m sorry, he’s not available, try again later.

- I’m afraid he’s busy right now.

- I beg your pardon.

- I didn’t catch that, would you repeat that, please?

- Would you like to leave a message?

- Can I take a message?

Closing the call

- Right /Well /OK!

- Thank you for calling/for your help.

- Goodbye!

- I look forward to hearing from you again.

- I’ll call back tomorrow.


Speaking Task

Call Mr. Brown and let him know that you are not pleased with the results of the test. Tell him that your inspectors have found some defects in the machines. Ask him when they will be able to eliminate the defects.



How to write business letters

The principles of good correspondence are writing often and responding quickly. The keys of letter writing art still exist. If you wish to follow them, you will see the improvement in your very next letter.

Begin from the end

Decide what you would like to happen as a result of your letter. To sell something? A promotion? Summarize your letter in a sentence. The best letters have a strong sense of purpose.

Put yourself in your reader’s place

Therefore be friendly and nice. Never write in anger. Your anger will evaporate: your letter will remain. Find ways to turn negative statements into positives ones.

Write plainly

Keep your sentences short – one idea in each. Any sentence longer than two typed lines is automatically suspect. Try to write the way you talk.

Decide what information is important and what is irrelevant

Chop out the whole paragraphs if they don’t contribute.

Use active verbs

Be brave not to write “Your invoice has been misdirected” instead of “I have misdirected your invoice”.

Check your grammar, spelling, punctuation and style

Set up a clean, logical format for your letter. Read the text aloud to yourself, or, better to someone else and ask him or her to look critically at your draft.

End the letter with an action step

The last sentence of your letter should suggest the reader’s or your own next move like “If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to call us at…”

Structure of business letters

Business letters in different countries are identical. As a rule, business letters are written on the form of the firm and consist of 9 elements:

1 Sender’s address/Date.

2 Inside address (recipient’s address).

3 Salutation.

4 Subject of the letter (optional).

5 Text of the letter.

6 Сomplimentary close.

7 Signature.

8 Enclosures.

9 Сopies.

Sample of arranging elements of a letter

1 Sender’s address/ Date


Nov. 10, 20...

2 Inside address

Mr. J. Brown

432 Oxford Street

London UK

3 Salutation

Dear Mr. Brown

4 Subject

Re: Offer of the equipment

5 Main body

Thank you very much for your offer of the equipment sent to us. We shall keep you informed as to our decision concerning the terms and conditions of your offer.

6 Yours faithfully/ Yours sincerely/Yours truly

7 Signature

A. Petrov

8 2 Enclosures

9 cc. D. Ivanov

Useful phrases to be used in business letters

Opening Phrases

- Dear Madam/ Dear Sir/ Dear Sirs/ Dear Mrs. Brown/ Dear Mr. Brown

- We have received your letter of...

- We have the pleasure to inform you…

- In reply to your letter of...

- We apologize for the delay in…

Linking Phrases

- There is nо doubt that…

- We would like to draw your attention to the fact…

- In this connection...

- In connection with уоur request...

- Otherwise we shall have to...

- In саsе of delay...

- In саsе of уоur refusal…

Closing Phrases

- We are looking forward to receiving your consent/approval/confirmation.

- Уоur early reply will bе appreciated.

- We wish to maintain cooperation with you.

- We are looking forward to hearing from you.

- Уоurs faithfully / Уоurs sincerely…

Writing Practice

Write a letter to the company informing them that the weight of the last consignment of the goods under Contract No. 27/97 does not conform to the weight indicated in the Bill of Lading. Ask them when they are going to ship the short-delivered goods.


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