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Work in pairs. Complete the dialogue and then act it out.

Receptionist: Good afternoon. Can I help you?


Receptionist: Single or double?


Receptionist: With or without bathroom?


Receptionist: How long do you wish to stay?


Receptionist: I could give you a room on the third floor for £20 or one on the fourth floor for £18. Which one would you like?


Receptionist: Right. Would you please fill in this form?


Receptionist: Where do you go from here?


Receptionist: Just write that under “destination” then. And don’t forget to sign.


Receptionist: Thank you. Would you like Continental or English breakfast tomorrow morning?


Receptionist: I hope the room will suit you. Here’s the key.



In an English restaurant

Practise this dialogue. You are in an English restaurant and want to have lunch. You can hear a family talking at the next table.

Boy: I’d like chicken.

Father: What about you, Mary? Would you like a lamb chop?

Mother: Yes, I think I’ll take that.

Boy: I’m very hungry. Could we have soup first?

Father: Oh, yes. They’ve got tomato soup, cucumber soup, hot beef tea.

Boy: I want tomato soup.

Mother: And cucumber soup for me, please.

Father: What would you like to drink, Mary?

Mother: Glass of wine would be nice.

Boy: I’d like a glass of lemonade.

Father: Waiter, can we order now, please?

Waiter: Yes, sir. What would you like?

Father: We’d like two lamb chops and chicken.

Waiter: Sorry, lamb is off.

Mother: I’ll take veal cutlet then.

Father: The same for me.

Waiter: All right. Any soup or fruit juice?

Father: Yes, please. A tomato soup and two cucumber soups.

Waiter: Something to drink with your meal?

Father: Yes, we’d like half a bottle of wine and glass of lemonade.

Waiter: Red or white wine?

Father: I think we’ll try the red wine.

Waiter: What would you like for dessert?

Boy: Can I have ice-cream, Dad?

Mother: I’d prefer apple pie.

Father: O.K. An ice-cream, and apple pie and fruit salad for me, please.

Waiter: Thank you, sir.

Useful phrases

- Could I book a table for 4 at 8.30 tonight?

- We’d like three steaks, please.

- We’d like some roast potatoes.

- Would you like anything to start with?

- Yes, I’d like a prawn cocktail.

- Could you pass me the salt, please?

- Could I have a cup of tea?


- Where’s the nearest restaurant?

- Have you a menu in Russian?

- I’m hungry.

- I’m thirsty.

- I haven’t ordered this.

- I don’t like cereals.

- I’m allergic to cereals.

- What would you recommend?

- How much do I owe you?

Role play

Work in pairs. Complete the dialogue and then act it out. You can order your meal. Look at the menu and choose what you would really like to have for lunch. Order a starter, a soup, the main course, some vegetables, a dessert, something to drink during and after the meal.

Waiter: Would you like to order now?


Waiter: What would you like to start with?


Waiter: And what would you like to follow?


Waiter: Sorry, we haven’t got any more left.


Waiter: All right. What vegetables would you like?


Waiter: Certainly. Any soup or fruit juice?


Waiter: Would you like a sweet? You can choose from our trolley.


Waiter: The fruit salad is very good.


Waiter: Would you like anything to drink with your meal?


Waiter: What about a cup of coffee after your meal?


Waiter: Anything else?


Waiter: Thank you very much.

After the meal, which was excellent, you want to pay.


Waiter: Certainly. Did you enjoy your meal?


Waiter: Here’s your bill. Four pounds fifty.


Waiter: Thank you very much.




Meeting people

Practise this dialogue.

Ann: Hello, Bob.

Bob: Hi, Ann. Nice to see you.

Ann: How are you?

Bob: Fine, thanks. And how are you?

Ann: Well. I don’t feel so well, I’m afraid.

Bob: Why, what’s the matter with you?

Ann: I have a bit of a headache.

Bob: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll feel better soon.

Ann: Thank you very much.

Bob: Oh, Ann, have you met my friend Chris?

Ann: No, I don’t think I have, actually.

Bob: Well, this is my friend Chris. Chris, this is Ann.

Ann: Pleased to meet you.

Chris: Nice to meet you, too. I’ve heard such a lot about you.

Bob: Have a nice time!

Ann: Thanks. Doris is coming with me.

Bob: Give my love to her.

Ann: Thank you. We must all meet up again soon.

Bob: That’s a good idea. I’ll phone you next week.

Ann: Fine. Well I must be off now. Bye, Bob.

Bob: Cheers.

Chris: Bye-bye.

Useful phrases


- Let me introduce myself.

- My name is.../ I’m …

- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you too.

- You can call me…

- I’m from…, from a town called….

- It’s in the… of….

- I live in…

- It’s a city not far from…

- It’s a little village near…

- It is situated in the south (north) of…

Asking someone

About his/her name, nationality, where he/she comes from

- What’s your name?

- What nationality are you? Are you English/German?

- Do you speak English/German?

- What country do you come from?

- Where are you from?

- Where do you live?

- You don’t live in (London), do you?

About his /her job

- What do you do for your /a living? Have you got a job?

- What do you do?

- I am a… What about you?

- What’s your job?

- Tell me (something) about (your job).

- Perhaps you can/could tell me (a bit about)...

- What do you have to do in your job?

- In my job I have to...

- Who do you work for?

- I work for… And you?

- I work as an engineer. I often/usually...

About his/her habits, hobbies

-Do you smoke?

-I don’t (smoke).

-Do you like/enjoy (travelling)? How do you like...?

-I like/enjoy (travelling) (very much).

-Do you often…?

-What hobbies have you got?

-My hobbies are...

-…is my favourite hobby.

Role play

Work in pairs. Complete the dialogue and then act it out. You are at a party in London. Your English friend John Brown is introducing you to his friends.

John: ______, I don’t think you’ve met my friend Jane. Jane, this is________.

You:______, Jane.

Jane: Nice to meet you too, _______.

John: ______, have you met Bob?

You: ______

John: Bob, this is ______. I’ve told you a lot about him/her.

Bob: Pleased to meet you, ______.

You: ______

John: And now I’d like you to meet my mother. Mum, this is_________.

You: _________, Mrs. Brown.

Mrs. Brown: Hello! John has told me a lot about you. I think your English is perfect.

You: ______


Visiting a company

Practise this dialogue. Mr. Petrov, Marketing Director of Techmachimport has come to London to talk to Mr. Brown.

Mr. Petrov: Good morning, my name is Alexander Petrov, Marketing Director of Techmachimport. I have an appointment with Mr. Brown.

Secretary: Good morning, Mr. Petrov. Mr. Brown is waiting for you.

Mr. Brown: Oh, Mr. Petrov, good morning. Please, take a seat.

Mr. Petrov: Thank you.

Mr. Brown: Welcome to Britain. Did you enjoy your flight?

Mr. Petrov: Yes, quite. Thank you, Mr. Brown.

Mr. Brown: I hope you will enjoy your stay in the UK.

Mr. Petrov: I hope so too. Let’s get down to business. We are going to place an order with you for 50 machines.

Mr. Brown: Will you take part deliveries in that case?

Mr. Petrov: That’ll suit us all right.

Mr. Brown: By the way, Mr. Petrov, we’ll be able to let you have our quotations in two or three days only.

Mr. Petrov: That’s very good because I’ll have to leave for Edinburgh and I’ll be back next week.

Mr. Brown: Then we’ll send our quotation to your company.

Mr. Petrov: All right. Goodbye.

Mr. Brown: Goodbye.


Useful phrases

Meeting new colleagues

- Let me / May I introduce / This is...

- Have you met...?

- Yes we have. Nice to see you again.

- How are you?

- What do you do?

- I’m in administration.

- He’s in charge of advertising.

- She’s responsible for...

- He’s my boss /superior.

- I work part-time / full-time.

- He organizes the work shifts.

- That’s not my job / work.

- I supervise production.

- He deals with personnel problems.


Questions and answers

- Did you have a good trip / journey?

- Yes, thank you.

- How long have you been here?

- I arrived yesterday.

- How long and where are you staying?

- I’ll be staying for 3 more days at the Ritz Hotel.

- Are you satisfied with your hotel?

- Yes, I am. Thanks. / No, I’m afraid I’m not.

- Could we have lunch together?

- Yes. I’d love to. / I’m sorry but I can’t.

Speaking Task

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