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Section leaders: Gabitova Renata Takhirovna

Kirsanov Alexander Yurevich


Igor Vershinin, PhD Associate professor Title: Principles of associative steganography.
Abstract: Data protection with the use of masking device which is used with two-dimensional associative processing of stylized binary images, is considered to be used in the sphere of steganography. Applied to mapping the suggested approach of stegoprotection has got an unconditional stability. The method which is under review belongs to the probabilistic types of protection. Randomnicity is used with special mechanisms of spatial clustering of objects masking their binary representations and randomization.  
Aydar Nasybullinor, PhD Associate professor Title: Microwave technologies in information measuring and energy applications.
Abstract: The report focuses on the scientific research connected with application of microwaves in industry and measurement systems. Microwave industry technologies include manufacturing materials which require heating and chemical transformations under the influence of the microwaves. Microwave measurements include the development of new types of microwave sensors based on resonant periodic structures, and the research of electro physical parameters of materials and mediums in the microwave range.
Rafael Sagdiev, PhD Associate professor Title: New conception of multipoint temperature measurements.
Abstract: A new method of multipoint temperature measurement on the basis of quartz sensors is discussed. The main features of the method are: • Minimum Amount of Communication Lines • Considerable Maximum Distance between Sensors and Registration Unit (communication cable length up to 100 meters) • Precise Temperature Measurement (resolutions up to 0.01°C) • High Long Term Stability of Transformation Characteristic • Wide Operating Temperature Range (from -269°C to about +500°C).
Alfia Salakhova, PhD Associate professor Title: Three-beam triangulating sensor.
Abstract: The project tells us about a new high precision triangulating sensor for measuring distance and/or inclination angle with a high temperature stability for a wide range of technical and technological applications. The corresponding measurement algorithm is considered and hardware allowing its implementation is developed. The preferable embodiment of three beam triangulating sensor comprises three laser radiation sources, CCD-array based image sensor including optical system, and control electronic unit.  
Evgeny Denisov, PhD Associate professor Title: PEMFC operation mode monitoring based on electrical fluctuation analysis.
Abstract: One of the most promising power sources is the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). In spite of the fact that PEMFC has high efficiency and produces low pollution, PEMFCs available in art have insufficient operational characteristics regarding reliability and longevity. The diagnostic method based on information features of intrinsic electrical fluctuations was developed to solve the problem. The main advantages of the method consist of high diagnostic capabilities and the absence of PEMFC operation interruption.
Alexander Kirsanov, PhD Associate professor Title: Automated control system of a rotor position by means of active magnetic bearings.
Abstract: The report describes the project of developing and building the system for automated position control of the rotor of centrifugal air compressor. The main feature of the system is that the rotor doesn’t have necessary contact with other elements of the compressor. Because the rotor is suspended in air by means of active magnetic bearings, that generates forces through magnetic fields. A special advantage of these unique bearings is that the rotor dynamics can be controlled actively through the bearings. The first goal of the magnetic bearing control is that the unstable rotor motion must be stabilized in the equilibrium position.


Section 6. “Micro- and Nanoelectronics”

Section leaders: Gilmetdinova Alsu Makhmutovna

Kadushkin Vladislav Valerevich

Silaev hall

Timur Ayupov, PhD Associate professor Title: The development of sensors for the tasks of the dielectric radiospectroscopy.
Abstract: An important problem is the development of sensors for the measurement of electromagnetic parameters of substances and materials. Currently the project team is working on the development of the sensor to study the properties of transformer oils. In future we plan to manufacture a low cost instrument for rapid analysis of the quality status of transformer oil, motor oil and gasoline, which is important for the Republic of Tatarstan.
Zaur Idiatullov, PhD Associate professor Title: Electromagnetic compatibility of electronic devices made on the basis of micro and nanoelectronics.
Abstract: Devices based on micro- and nano-electronics operating in harsh environments affect the temperature, pressure, humidity, chemicals, dust, acceleration, shock and the like. Electromagnetic fields from other devices have a great influence on their work . This may lead to a partial loss of functionality or destroy elements of the device. The report focuses on the problem of electromagnetic compatibility of devices and solution methods.
Irek Nizameev, PhD Associate professor Title: Systems of self-ordered nanowires of some metals.
Abstract: One-dimensional thin-layer (2−5 nm) parallel strips of Pt on a graphite surface have been synthesized via a template-directed chemical deposition of Pt. The templates are a surface micellar strip of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) at highly ordered pyrolytic graphite. The concentration and temperature-dependent morphology of surface micellar strips of CTAB is elucidated at the graphite/aqueous solution by using the atomic force microscopy (AFM) soft contacting techniques.
Rashid Faizullin, PhD, DSc, Professor Title: Poly-Gaussian methods and devices for multiuser-detection in mobile communication systems.
Abstract: This report places emphasis on the study of post-correlation models’ development, methods and technical solutions. The research has provided improvement of basic characteristics in communication systems with mobile units, working on non-Gaussian channels. The current research focuses mainly on Interference immunity, throughput, objects’ identification reliability. The present project reveals the development of multiuser signal performance algorithms with multiple access interferences cancellation and implemented adaptive estimation of probability characteristics of communication channels and statistical interference parameters. The structure of multiuser receiving devices is elaborated and their performance in challenging interference conditions is evaluated.
Konstantin Gerasimov, PhD, Associate pro-fessor Title: Rare-earth elements is basic elements of quantum memory.
Abstract: Dielectric crystals doped with rare earth ions are promising materials that can be used for the implementation of photon echo-based quantum memory. In this work we have performed high-resolution magneto-optical spectroscopy studies of the hyperfine structure of several transitions of 167Er3+ and 166Er3+ in isotopically purified 7LiYF4 crystal in the external magnetic fields up to 0.7 T have been performed for the first time. The obtained results of our measurements are successfully interpreted in the framework of the generalized theoretical model. A number of the observed transitions appears to be promising for use in Raman quantum storage at the telecommunication wavelengths due to their rather narrow linewidths.
Mikhail Morozov, PhD Associate professor Title: Synthesis and characterization of nickel micro- and nanowires for electrodes of batteries.
Abstract: Nickel fibrous structures with roughened surface were synthesized via the reduction of nickel chloride with hydrazine under the influence of magnetic fields. Fibrous structures consist of submicro- or microfibers with surface covered by nanocones. Studies show that magnetic fields result in increase of roughness of the fibers’ surface and in increase of specific surface area. The obtained material may have a large potential and wide applications in batteries and electrochemical sensors.
Vladislav Kadushkin, Research Assistant, PhD student Title: Synthesis of the Poly-Gaussian mixed multiuser detection algorithms for CDMA mobile communications.
Abstract: A combined Poly-Gaussian (PG-MMSE) algorithm for CDMA mobile communications has been proposed that meets the following requirements: low (polynomial) computational complexity for easier implementation, smaller BER (comparing in comparison with the existed MUD algorithms), able to work in the complex conditions of radio environment. It allows increasing the capacity and throughput of contemporary mobile communication systems.



Section 7. “Vision Сomputing”

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