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domestic passenger- пасажири з внутршшх рейав

to check in baggage- рееструвати багаж

to pick up (to claim) the baggage- отримувати багаж

to fill out (in) an embarkation card- заповнювати посадкову картку

departure lounge- зал очікування для пасажирів, що від’їзджають

passport control- паспортний контроль

health control- медичний контроль

customs inspection- митний контроль

customs declaration- митна декларація

transit passenger- транзитний пасажир

shopping area- магазини безмитної торгівлі

duty-free merchandise- товари бсзмитної торгівлі

transfer counter- Micцe реєстрації трансферних пасажирів

connecting flight- з'еднувалъний рейс

In most countries the domestic passenger comes to the airport, sends his ticket at the airline counter, checks in his baggage and boards flight. Upon arrival at his destination, he picks up his baggage and on his way.

The international passenger, on the other hand, goes through a, much more complicated process. Procedures for the departing international passenger are usually quite simple, though they may vary considerably from country to country. In most countries, the passenger completes the airline check-in and then goes through some form of passport control. He will probably be required to fill out an embarkation card. From the passport counter he will go to a departure lounge for international flights. In most countries, the passenger cannot be companied into the departure area by guests since he is legally no longer in the country that he is leaving.

The arriving passenger on a domestic flight claims his baggage and Inn is free to leave the airport. Again, this is not the case for the arriving international passenger. Almost all countries have at least three formalities through which the passenger must pass. They include passport and visa control, health control and customs inspection of the passenger's baggage. Almost all countries also have forms of one sort or another that the passenger must fill out. This is usually done on the plane before it lands. The most customary of these forms are the disembarkation card and a customs declaration.

Many international passengers are merely passing through an airport. They are physically but not legally in the country since they have not had their passports checked there and cannot move freely. They are called transit passengers. Almost all international airports provide special areas for such passengers. The facilities vary from a simple, bare room to elaborate lounges with restaurants and shopping areas where the transit passengers can purchase duty-free merchandise.

Another type of transit passenger is the one who is making a connection at an international airport without going through passport and customs formalities. Many international airports have an interline transfer counter to take care of these passengers. The passenger checks in for the connecting flight at the transfer counter and then goes directly to the departure lounge. Usually, his baggage will have been checked through to his final destination so that he does not have to go through a customs inspection at the intermediate stop.

I.Дайте відповіді на запитання.

  1. What is the difference between a domestic and international passenger?
  2. In what ways do arrival and departure procedures differ for domestic and international passengers?
  3. What is the customary procedure for the departing international passenger?
  4. Why are guests usually not permitted in the departure lounge for international passengers?
  5. What formalities are required for arriving international passengers in almost all countries?
  6. What forms will the international passenger probably fill out on the plane before it lands?
  7. What is a transit passenger?
  8. Why are special facilities usually provided for him at international airports?

II. Погодьтеся або заперечте.

  1. The international passenger comes to the airport, presents his ticket at the airline counter, checks in his baggage and boards the flight.
  2. The guests cannot accompany the international passenger into the departure area.
  3. The arriving international passenger claims his baggage and then is free to leave the airport.
  4. Only some countries have such formalities as passport and visa control, health control and customs inspection of the passenger's baggage through which the international passenger must pass.
  5. Many international airports have shops where duty-free merchandise may be bought.
  6. A transit passenger is one who is stopping at an airport that is not his destination.
  7. A transit passenger has to transfer his baggage himself at each airport where he makes a connection.

III. Перекладіть.

Отримувати багаж, пред’являти квиток, з іншог боку, заповнювати анкету, рееструвати багаж, зал очікування, супроводжуватися, паспортний контроль, митнии контроль, візa, митна декларація, товари безмитної торгівлі, транзитний пасажир, купувати товари, робити пересадку, кінцевий пункт призначення, магазини безмитної торгівлі, місце реєстрації трансферних пасажирів, пасажири з міжнародних рейсів, посадкова картка, зал відправлення, медичний контроль.

IV. Заповніть пропуски.

Yesterday John was supposed to take a (l)...from London to Paris. He got up very early, put his luggage in the boot of his car and tried to start the engine. It wouldn't start. John lifted the bonnet but he couldn't see what the matter could be. He immediately called his local (2)... to ask them to send a (3)... at once. Fortunately, the garage had a man free and he was with John within ten minutes. He quickly cleared out what the matter was. "You are (4)... of petrol", he said. John felt very foolish. "Why didn't I (5)... everything last night?" he wondered.

Despite all this, he got to the (6)..., checked in quite early and then went straight through to the (7)... to read a newspaper while he waited. Soon he heard an (8)... "Passengers on flight BA282 to Paris are informed that all flights to and from Paris are (9)... because of heavy snowfall last night."

"If only I have decided to go by train", John thought. "It would probably have been quicker in the end and even if I sometimes feel (10)... on the ferry across the Channel, it can be quite pleasant sitting in a (11)... on the deck, watching the seagulls and the other (12)... . The (13)... on a ship seem to produce much better food than those on an (14)... too."

(passengers, aircraft, departure lounge, sick, flight, airport, announcement, galleys, delayed, deckchair, mechanic, run out, garage, check.)

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