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Exercise 1.4. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article where necessary.

1. My friends study at ___ University. 2. There are ___ beautiful buildings in the town. There are also ___ beautiful parks and gardens there. In ___ evening you can hear ___ sounds of ___ music from ___ parks. 3. In ___ University there
is ___ library, ___ sport grounds, ___ gym and several mess-rooms.
4. This is ___ classroom. ___ classroom is large and light. 5. There is ___ timetable on ___ wall. 6. What ___ date is it today? It is ___ seventh of ___ December.
7. ___ third lesson today is ___ English lesson. 8. Petrov, go to ___ blackboard!
9. After lessons we go to ___ mess-room to have ___ dinner. 10. My father
is ___ policemen. He often comes from ___ work late. But on ___ Friday he comes ___ home early. On ___ Saturday and on ___ Sunday he does not
go to ___ work.

Exercise 1.5. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article where necessary.

1. They travelled by car around ___ Europe last month. 2.___ Great American Lakes are___ Lake Huron, ___ Lake Superior,___ Lake Ontario, ___ Lake Michigan and ___ Lake Erie. 3. ___ north of ___ Scotland is known for its wild beauty. 4. Are ___ Urals higher or lower than ___ Alps? 5. It was Burns who wrote "My heart's in ___ Highlands". 6. ___ Mediterranean Sea washes ___ Europe, ___ Asia and ___ northern coast of ___ Africa. 7. What oceans does ___ Panama Canal connect? – I suppose ___ Atlantic and ___ Pacific Oceans. 8. ___ Seine flows through ___ Paris to ___ Atlantic Ocean.
9. We get coffee mostly from ___ Brazil and ___ Columbia. 10. ___ Alaska is the biggest and coldest state in ___ USA. 11. Where are ___ Canaries situated? 12. ___ United Kingdom consists of four parts: ___ England, ___ Scotland, Wales and ___ Northern Ireland. 13. I went to ___ German Republic last summer, but I haven't been to ___ Netherlands yet. 15. ___ Thames is not the longest river in ___ Great Britain but it is rather wide and navigable.

Exercise 1.6. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article where necessary.

1. The centre of ___ City is represented by three buildings: ___ Mansion House, ___ Royal Exchange and ___ Bank of ___ England. 2. When will he arrive at ___ Heathrow airport? 3. ___ Bolshoi Theatre is famous for its ballet performances. 4. What is on at ___ "Pushkinsky"? 5. ___ Princess Diana stayed at ___ Hilton Hotel. 6. People coming to London often do shopping in ___ Oxford Street. 7. If you are interested in churches and historical places, you should by no means see ___ Westminster Abbey, ___ Houses of Parliament, ___ St. Paul's Cathedral and ___ Tower. 8. ___ British Museum is famous for its library, one of the richest in the world. 9. Across the road from Westminster Abbey is ___ Westminster Palace, the seat of ___ British Parliament. 10. ___ West End is the symbol of a wealthy and luxurious life. 11. If you like art galleries you should go to ___ National Gallery and ___ Tate. 12. On ___ Wednesday ___ Financial Times published an article about the situation in ___ North Korea.

Exercise 1.7. Choose the correct item.

1. He crossed ___ stream stepping cautiously from ___ stone to ___ stone.

a) the, ___, ___ b) the, the, the c) а, а, а d) the, a, a


2. In ___ spring of ___ following year we went ___ abroad and were absent several months.

a) ___, the, ___ b) the, the, the c) ___, ___, ___ d) the, the, ___


3. After ___ lunch they sat down under the oak tree drinking ___ coffee.

a) the, the b) ___, ___c) ___, the d) a, a

4. At ___ tea, which they both took with ___ lemon, John spoke
about ___ summer.

a) ___, the, the b) ___, ___, ___, e) ___, ___, the d) the, the, the


5. ___ map of ___ world, until ___ end of ___ fifteenth century exhibited only ___ one hemisphere (полушарие), and even that was not completely explored.

a) the, the, the, the, the b) the,__, __, the, __c) a, the, __, __, __d) the, the, the, the, __


6. As ___ weather was fine, they had ___ pleasant walk across ___ park which stretched along ___ Thames.

a) the, the, the, the b) __, the, a, the c) the, __, the, __ d) the, a, the, the


7. On ___ first of ___ May, after their last year together at ___ college, Frank and Robert were on ___ tram.

a) the, the, __, __ b) __, __, __, the c) the, __, __, a d) the, __, the, a


8. "I am in ___ hurry. Turn to ___ left in ___ High Street and drive me down to ___ East End", I ordered taking my seat.

a) a, the, the, the b) a, the, __, the c) __, __, __, __d) the, a, the, an


9. ___ great Sahara, that frightful desert of ___ vast sand, stretching
from ___ Red Sea to ___ Atlantic.

a) the, __, the, the b)__, a, the, the c) the, the, the, __ d)__, __, __, the


10. He walked into ___ Green Park that he might cross to ___ Victoria Station and take ___ underground into ___ City.

a) the, __, the, the b) the, the, the, the c)__, __, __, __ d)__, __, an, __

The Noun

2.1. Plurals of Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Exercise 2.1.1. Divide the following nouns into countable and uncountable.

Furniture, coffee, leaf, food, computer, list, blood, job, work, language, country, advice, information, money, progress, permission, provision, baggage, luggage, promotion, traffic, weather, window, knowledge, air, water, holiday, accommodation, scenery, mountain, kick, crew, accident, wing.

Exercise 2.1.2. Put the nouns in the correct list in the plural.

Сlass, beach, boy, cup, cat, cup, desk, roof, girl, potato, fork, shirt, pen, leaf, nose, bus, lemon, peach, box.

[s] [iz] [z]

Exercise 2.1.3. Write the words in the plural and in the correct column.

radio, tomato, lady, boy, bench, teacher, watch, day, fox, loaf, handkerchief, kiss, fly, housewife, leaf, body, shelf, school, address, life, country, strawberry, baby, toy, half.

- s - es - ies - ves

Exercise 2.1.4. Write the following words in the plural:

a)story, play, glass, flag, photo, name, match, knife, bush, chief, page, radio, roof, prize, set, key, factory, wolf, piano, class, cup, city;

b)child, goose, man, foot, mouse, woman, sheep, person, deer, tooth, ox;

c)criterion, datum, formula, crisis, stimulus, index, phenomenon, medium, oasis, nucleus, memorandum, basis, radius, analysis, symposium, hypothesis;

d) fellow-worker, merry-go-round, man-of-war, passer-by, sister-in-law, forget-me-not, room-mate, lily-of-the-valley, ticket-holder.


Exercise 2.1.5. Choose the correct item.


1. a baby 7. a foot 13. a boy-friend
a) babys a) foots a) boys-friends
b) babies b) footes b) boy-friends
c) babis c) feet c) boys-friend
2. advice 8. jeans 14. money
a) advices a) jeans a) moneys
b) advises b) jeanses b)
c) c) jeanss c) moneies
3. a man 9. a potato 15. a watch
a) man a) potatoes a) watches
b) men b) potatos b) watchs
c) mans c) potates c) watch
4. an umbrella 10. a postman 16. an address
a) umbrellas a) postmans a)
b) umbrellaes b) postman b) addresses
c) umbrells c) postmen c) address
5. a boy 11. a photo 17. a child
a) boys a) photoes a) childs
b) boies b) photos b) childes
c) boyes c) photes c) children
6. a city 12. news 18. a mother-in-law
a) citys a) newses a) mother-in-laws
b) cities b) news b) mothers-in-law
c) cityes c) c) mothers-in-laws
19. a toothbrush 20. a fish
a) teethbrush a) fish
b) toothbrushes b) fishes
c) teethbrushes c) fishs

Exercise 2.1.6. Choose the correct item.

1. My hair ___ clean.

a) is b) are


2. Can I borrow your scissors? Mine ___ not sharp enough.

a) is b) are


3. Bad news ___ people happy.

a) don’t make b) doesn’t make


4. I don’t want ___ or help.

a) advices b) advice


5. I’ve seen some ___ this month. Each was funnier than the last.

a) comedy b) comedies


6. We’d like three ___ eggs.

a) dozen of b) dozen c) dozens


7. Knowledge ___ power.

a) is b) are


8. In summer we eat a lot of ___.

a) fruit b) fruits


9. The police ___ to interview Fred about the accident.

a) wants b) want


10. Last Saturday we went fishing, but we didn’t catch many ___.

a) fish b) fishes


Exercise 2.1.7. Write sentences in the plural as in the example.

Example: This man is an engineer. – These men are engineers.

1. This man is my brother. 2. That woman is my sister. 3. This child is my son. 4. That classroom is big. 5. This building is white. 6. This man is an engineer. 7. That woman is a doctor. 8. That girl is my sister. She is a pupil. 9. This is a first-year student. 10. This engineer is a good specialist in his field. 11. My uncle has an expensive car. 12. This is a mess-room. 13. I have a handy pen. My pen is in my pocket. 14. There is a TV set in our room.
15. The teacher gave us an assignment. 16. He wants to be an engineer.

2.2. The Possessive Case

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