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III. These are confused pairs of words. Choose the correct alternative for each sentence.


a) The person who usually asks most of the questions at an interview is the ………

b) The person who usually answers most of the questions at an interview is the ……….


a) Our company has been bought by a German multinational. More and more.................. are coming from abroad to work in our office.

b) There were two ……… at the corner table in the restaurant where the emploees usually go for lunch: no one had ever seen them before.


a) …….workers work in the factory.

b) …….workers work in the office.


a) Zangief is doing too much business ……………………and wants to cut the number of visits to foreign clients next year.

b) However, he still has to make one important ……………………to the agent in Singapore.


IV. a) КОПР № 3,4

B) Choose the correct option a-c to complete the sentences.

1. How long.......in sales?

a) have you worked b) have you been working c) were you working


2. By the time I came back from my business trip, a lot of things........

a) had changed b) has changed c) changed


3. The company is huge. It........ a thousand new jobs since the beginning of last year.

a) created b) has created c) had created


4. We....... this product since the beginning of the year.

a) have produced b) have been producing c) had produced


5. I'm afraid the company is going bankrupt. It........big problems lately.

a) had b) has had c) was having


6. So, what........ since I last saw you? What's new'?

a) have you been doing b) have you done c) were you doing


7. The number of employees cycling to work.........

a) increased b) have increased c) has increased


8. Mary left work very late. She........letters all day.

a) was typing b) has been typing c) had been typing




V. Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

1. We will employ several workers.

Several workers........by us.

a) will employ b) will be employed


2. When I arrived at the office the secretary had sent the letter.

When I arrived at the office the letter........

a) had sent b) had been sent


3. The fashion magazine sponsored the exhibition.

The exhibition........by the fashion magazine.

a) was sponsored b) is sponsored


4. I have invested my money in real estate.

My money........ in real estate.

a) has been invested b) has invested


5. Investors are putting a lot of money into China.

A lot of money.......... by investors into China.

a) is put b) is being put




VI. а) КОПР № 1

b)) Complete each sentence with a verb in the correct form, - ing or to...


1. I am interested in........more about your special offers.

a) to hear b) hearing


2. I like........colleagues if they come to me with a problem.

a) helping b) to help


3. The buyers want....... our terms of payment.

a) knowing b) to know


4. You don't need........ into an argument over this.

a) to get b) getting


5. We should........ the software before giving it to users.

a) testing b) test


6. Did the company promise.......you a permanent job?

a) to give b) giving




VII. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1. Governments receive revenues from different sources with taxation as the

main one.


2. Through taxation governments achieve different goals. They decrease the

income gap between the rich and the poor, they discourage people from

consuming harmful products and they control overall supply and demand.


3. Most taxation revenues go on public goods which include national defence,

street lighting, healthcare, education and others.




A. Read this text.

International Trade

1. Trade happens because people need or want things that they don’t have. Trade between countries happens for the same reason. Some countries, for example, have natural resources, like coal, oil or wood which other countries might want to buy. They try to sell the goods, products or services that they have too much to other countries. They earn money from these sales and then can buy the things that they themselves need and cannot produce on their own. Both producers and consumers profit from international trade. Even though many nations have a lot of different goods to export there are countries that depend only on one or two products to get money. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries of the Middle East depend on oil exports, because it is the only thing that they can sell.

2. The difference between what a country exports and what it imports is called the balance of trade. If a country exports more than it imports we call this a trade surplus. And if a country pays more for its imports than it gets for its exports it has a trade deficit. In some countries the government controls all trade and in others it allows companies and firms to trade freely. However, all governments control trade in some way. Sometimes a government forbids companies to buy or sell dangerous or illegal products, or military technology.

3. Many governments try to help their own industries by making it more difficult to import foreign products. They put import taxes on foreign goods to make products more expensive and their own products cheaper. European countries, for example, may limit the number of cars that are imported from Japan or the USA. They want their people to buy European cars. We call this strategy protectionism because governments want to protect their companies and industries.


B. Mark the sentences a) T (True)

B) F (False)

C) NG (Not Given)


1. Both manufacturers and consumers profit from international trade.


2. Many countries in Asia have an absolute advantage in producing electronic goods.


3. If a country imports more than it exports we call this a trade surplus.




Variant №4

I. Match the words with the definitions.

1) currency a) a reduction in the price of something

2) investment b) income

3) sale c) the process of selling goods or services for money

4) goal d) control of spending through taxation

5) promotion e) something that you hope to achieve

6) discount f) a move to a higher level in a company

7) earnings g) money used in a way that may earn you more


8) fiscal policy h) the system of money used in a particular country




II. Complete each sentence with a word from the box.

sales rent promotion experience job goal competitors employment  


1. The owner has just increased the ……. on our flat by 15%.

2. The latest research says that many people want to leave their …….and

travel the world.

3. Now, employees regularly change companies perhaps because they want

…… and a higher salary.

4. ……agencies supply companies with different types of workers.

5. We look at what our ……. do, then we do it better.

6. Our ……. is to be number one in every area in which we operate.

7. We have more years of ……. of working in this sector than any other

organization in this country.

8. …….increased by two percent last year; this is a rather disappointing result.


III. These are confused pairs of words. Choose the correct alternative for each sentence.


a) We have to reduce our general …………: we must cut costs

wherever we can.

b) Zangief must cut his travel, accommodation and entertainment

…………: he’ll have to stay in cheaper hotels and take his clients to

cheaper restaurants.



a) Supermarkets use a variety of tactics to attract and retain ……..

b) She advises ……. on their investments.



a) The…….of rebuilding the theatre will be 13 million pounds.

b) What’s the …….of this watch?



a) The ……. will create the biggest television company in the country.

b) Their ……. targets will be bigger and in more sensitive sectors.


IV. a) КОПР №3, 4

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