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I. Match the words with the definitions.

1) import a) documents showing that you own shares in a



2) export b) the amount by which something is less than you

need or should have


3) interest c) good or service sold to a buyer in another country


4) securities d) more of something than it is necessary


5) surplus e) money that you receive from a bank when you keep

money in an account there


6) deficit f) the system of money used in a particular country


7) currency g) the value of money of one country when you change

it into the money of another country


8) exchange rate h) good or service purchased from a seller in another





II. Complete each sentence with a word from the box.

exchange rate deficit export manufacturing competition tariffs currency import  


1.If you trade with other economies, you can........goods that do not exist in your economy.

2. Almost every country in the world has its national.......

3....... allow you to determine how much of one currency you can exchange for another.

4. More........ will mean better quality and greater value for money.

5. If the flow of money out of the economy is greater than the flow of money into the economy, then there is a trade........

6........ increases the size of the market for producers.

7. Many countries in Asia have an absolute advantage in........electronic goods.

8........ are a kind of tax that the government puts on imported goods.


III. These are confused pairs of words. Choose the correct alternative for each sentence.


a) We found everything.........the right document.

b) We could not....... the explanation.


a) Our new research strategy......that we get the best possible results.

b) This policy......you against theft and fire damage.


a) The.......reason we didn't pursue it was the cost.

b) We didn't want to continue the case, mostly because of..........


a) Many of her.......belongings had been stolen.

b) Smith’s company has a ………… problem: their employees want a 20% pay



IV. a) КОПР №3,4.

B) Choose the correct option a-c to complete the sentences.

1......... us the new price list of your products yet? We need it as soon as


a) did you send b) have you sent c) didn't you send


2. We.......this product since the beginning of the year.

a) have been producing b) are producing c) have produced


3. He........ any experience in marketing.

a) has had b) hasn't had c) didn't have


4. Without any reason, the customer returned the goods that we........

a) have delivered b) delivered c) had delivered


5. The two corporate CEOs were very excited because they........ a big

business plan.

a) had been negotiating b) had negotiated c) have been negotiating


6. We are happy to inform you that we........ a new branch in Australia.

a) established b) have established c) had established


7. These customers.......our machines for over a decade.

a) purchase b) have purchased c) have been purchasing


8. We spoke about the conference that........the week before.

a) had taken place b) has taken place c) took place






V. Rewrite the sentences in the passive.


1. Sales were rising fast when our sales manager left the company.

Sales were rising fast when the company........ by our sales manager.

a) was left b) left


2. We will deliver the goods immediately.

The goods.......immediately.

a) will be delivered b) will delivered

3. When I arrived at the office the secretary had already sent the letter.

When I arrived at the office the letter........

a) had sent b) had been sent


4. The management will discuss the problem next week.

The problem....... by the management next week.

a) will be discussed b) will be discussing


5. The employees are improving the situation.

The situation.........by the employees.

a) is improving b) is being improved





VI. a) КОПР № 1

b) Complete each sentence with a verb in the correct form, - ing or to...

1. Let me begin by.......you something about our company's history.

a) tell b) telling


2. We risk....... a lot of money.

a) having b) to have


3. We managed.........an important customer.

a) acquiring b) to acquire


4. They guarantee........the work before 5 o'clock.

a) to finish b) finishing


5.Julia is interested in........ her own business.

a) starting b) to start


6. If we don't constantly innovate, we risk.........behind our competitors.

a) to fall b) falling





VII. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1. The exchange rate may affect the whole economy: interest rates, balance of

payments and economic growth.


2. When a currency is free floating the government does not control its rate of

exchange and the currency is priced by the market.


3. When a government wants its national currency to float with some other

currency, for example, the dollar or the euro, it pegs it to that currency.


A. Read this text.



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