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Активное слушание (или техника вопросов). Адаптация молодых супругов к условиям совместной жизни Why does she do it, what for? Her sons are grown up, she's got her guest-house, her servants, her shops, her pigs, fields, cattle — When I looked out of the window again, I saw that the blind of Herr Stroh's room had been pulled down, and so it remained for the rest of my stay. We had reached the end of the first field. George's way led to the left and on to the main road. V. Собственное существование психотерапевта Trudy started to cry and ran to her room, presently returning to ask Gwen questions about Richard's mother. She could rarely keep away from Gwen when she was not out with Richard. They took him to a nursing home. He was fairly quiet, except on Saturday mornings when they had a hard time of it to keep him indoors and away from the Portobello Road. They giggled, then noticed me sitting within earshot, and came out of their trance. They decided to put in for a baby to the Black Madonna. The pelting of the rain increased as if in confirmation. The last day of their holidays Richard took Trudy rowing on the lake which reflected a grey low sky. The Haystack Murder was one of the notorious crimes of that year. The child said nothing, only dipped into the box of sweets, which Lou had brought. The Black Madonna had been given to the church by a recent convert. It was carved out of bog oak. The baby was round and very red, with dark curly hair. Shortly afterwards the byre-hand emigrated to Canada to start afresh, with the help of Skinny who felt sorry for him. She saw me watching her face. She looked as if she were pleading some personal excuse. She refused to look at the black baby. The nurses fussed round it all day, and came to report its progress to Lou. She never spoke another word to Skinny nor to me, and we never saw her again. Richard left at half past six, very much more cheerful in his going than he had been in his coming. Lou tried to piece together in her mind the gist of nine years' such letters. James was the eldest; she supposed he had been in trouble. It was not for me to speak to Kathleen, but I had a sudden inspiration which caused me to say quietly. III. ПАТОПСИХОЛОГИЧЕСКАЯ СЕМИОТИКА ШИЗОФРЕНИЯ III ЭТАП КОРРЕКЦИОННОЙ ПРОГРАММЫ II. МЕТОДЫ (МЕТОДИКИ) ПАТОПСИХОЛОГИЧЕСКОГО ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ МЕТОДИКИ ДЛЯ ИССЛЕДОВАНИЯ ВНИМАНИЯ И СЕНСОМОТОРНЫХ РЕАКЦИЙ II ЭТАП КОРРЕКЦИОННОЙ ПРОГРАММЫ I. Сознание и бессознательное I. Приемы, направленные на формирование оптимальных педагогических условий, способствующих формированию мотивации достижения успеха при коррекции заикания. I ЭТАП КОРРЕКЦИОННОЙ ПРОГРАММЫ I walked on, certain that he had known my guilty suspicions all along. I started screaming when I got home, and was given a sedative. By evening everyone knew that Miss Simmonds had put the wrong drops in her eyes. I smiled and put my hand in my blazer pocket. I said no, I liked an empty house. I looked up a few moments later, and this time Herr Stroh was seated on a chair a little way back from the window. He was facing me squarely and holding to his eyes a pair of field-glasses. I had already heard about the baby girl. Coal black, by repute, with George's features. And anoth-er on the way, they said. I did not see George again till just before my death, five years ago. I accompanied the party as a sort of secretary. Skinny vouched for me, he paid my fare, he sympathized by his action with my inconsequential life although when he spoke of it he disapproved. He was furious when I used that word bigamy. He lifted a handful of hay as if he would throw it in my face, but controlling himself meanwhile he fanned it at me playfully. He picked her up at four o'clock on Sunday. Haste thee, nymph, and bring with thee Jest and youthful jollity, Gwen was actually speaking English to a man who was not apparently accompanied by a wife or aunt or sister. Everyone agreed that the needle betokened extraordinary luck. As it was becoming a serious conversation; George said, Dorothy was beside us in no time. She peered one-eyed at the glasses, then at me.

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